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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Comparison of Attachment Style Among University of Putra Students According to Ethnicity and Gender

'Sidek' 'Mohd Noah'.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was any difference in attachment styles among university students according to ethnicity and gender. The research design used in this study was the ex-post facto study. The subjects of the study were 360 Master and Ph.D. students from the Faculty of Educational Studies, University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) which must be at least involved in romantic experinece. The subjects of this study were 228 female and 132 male students who were selected using the stratified random sampling. They consisted of 238 Malay, 95 Chinese and 27 Indian. The instrument used in this study was the Experience in Close Relationships Inventory (ECRI) which was introduced by Brennan, Clark and Shaver (1998). This instrument was translated into Malay language by Lee Kouk Lee (2002) using back translation technique as suggested by Brislin (1970). The data obtained were then analysed using the t-test and one way ANOVA at .05 level of significance. The result of the study indicated that there was a significant difference in attachment style based on gender. The result also showed that there was no significant difference in attachment style between ethnicity (Malay, Chinese, Indian). In view of the findings, several implications and recommendations are put forward.


'Sidek' 'Mohd Noah'  (Malaysia)
'Associate Professor' 'Head of Department'
'Department of Human behavior and Movement Studies' 'Faculty of Educational Studies'
Universiti Putra Malaysia


Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah , 42, has dedicated 18 years of his life in pursuing the field of Counselling as a field of study and practice. By employing his areas of specialization as the vehicle, Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah has contributed scholarly in all the aspects of Counselling especially Career Counselling and Appraisals in Counselling. His contributions are highly acknowledged especially among counselors in Malaysia. Due to his passion for counselling, Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah has furthered his study in Western Michigan University (WMU), a renowned university in USA offering counselling courses. It is from here that he enhanced his counselling profession especially in Career Counselling and Appraisal in Counselling. He then continued to pursue his interest on part time basis in Counselling Psychology at National University of Malaysia (UKM) and obtained his Ph. D in April 1996. His main research interests are Career Development and Appraisal in Counselling. Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah has a wide experience in administration, writing, teaching, student supervision, research and consultant work, and extension and outreach programmes for the community and society. As a Curriculum Committee Member in the Faculty of Educational Studies, he has successfully leading Guidance and counselling Unit in updating the curriculum for Bachelor and Master in Guidance and Counselling, to ensure the courses offered are relevant with the rapid development of the nation. Currently, Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah is leading the Guidance and Counselling Unit in developing new program called Bachelor of Counselling Psychology with two specializations area namely Social and Personnel. He is also leading the same Unit in establishing the Testing and Evaluation Laboratory in Faculty of Educational Studies. In the aspect of publishing, he does not limit his writing to journal articles and books but directly influence the field of practice of counselling through reports, modules, conference and seminar papers, and articles. He is also a prolific provider of extension and outreach programmes for the youth, students, teachers and community members.

  • Attachment style
  • Difference
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
Person as Subject
  • Mohd Noah, Sidek Lee, Kouk Lee Mokhtar, Halimatun Halaliah Ismail, Maimunah Roslan, Samsilah Mustafa, Mohamed Sharif

(Virtual Presentation, English)