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The Humanities Conference 2003

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A Future for Technology in the Humanities Why Build an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD)

Craig Bellamy.

The humanities must be cautious with transitions into newer communication mediums because there are technologies that may critically disable our academic legacies. At a time when humanities budgets are taut, it is even more important to understand what we actually do and construct technologies that assist us, rather than undermine us. This paper proposes a model of computing in the humanities for post-graduate education.


Craig Bellamy  (Australia)
Doctoral Candidate
Doctoral Candidate School of Applied Communication RMIT University
RMIT University

Craig is an historian with an interest in emergent technolgies as a means to engage with out past. He is presently working on a history about the Melbourne Moomba Festival Austalia's oldest outdoor festival.

  • Humanities Computing Electonic Communication ETD

(Virtual Presentation, English)