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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Renegotiating Educational Identity: Hungarian Expreiences of Paradox and Power

Dr. Cathy Kaufman.

Political, economic, and cultural transitions in the past decade created, for both parliamentary and former totalitarian systems, new paradoxes regarding the purpose of schooling. For Hungary, the simultaneous nature of de-sovietization and deentralization processes complicated this challenge, particularly as it related to educator's professional identity. The dynamics between mismatched economic and educational systems, the disequilibrium of a changing poltical structure, and the new meaning of what it meant to be a teacher are discussed in macro and micro contexts in order to contemplate both the sociological and psychological impact of change.


Dr. Cathy Kaufman  (United States)
Educational Administration
Indiana University of PA

Dr. Cathy Kaufman directs the Principal Certification Program at Indiana University of PA and serves as a professor in the College of Education and Educational Technology

  • Educational change
  • Post-soviet
  • Decentralization

(Virtual Presentation, English)