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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Can Muses and Bacchanals Defeat Alecto?: Wine and Poetry in Humanities Education

Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong.

The world has been torn by wars and humanity haunted by diseases and epidemics, like the fatal AIDS that has been spreading all over the world, the baffling SARS that has been wreaking havoc in China, Asia and the world, and the harassing Monkey-pox that is now ravaging north America. Mired in many a dilemma between war and peace, man and nature, humanity and inhumanity, we men and women must reexamine ourselves, reflect on our heritage and rethink our future before it is too late. This paper is an attempt at restarting an age-old conversation among wine poets, Chinese or Western, on the pursuit of " the fair, the kind and the true" (Shakespeare) to reconstruct humanity and harmony through humanities education.


Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong  (Macao Special Administrative Region of China)
Asst. Professor in English and Curriculum Studies

University of Macau

Educated in China and the UK, with BA, MA and PhD in English Language and Literature and Post-graduate Diploma in TEFL, she has taught English at secondary and tertiary levels. She is now Asst. Professor, coordinator of BEd Programmes, and MEd thesis supervisor at the University of Macau. Her research interests include English education, curriculum and translation studies and recent publications include Children’s Trilingual Picture Dictionary (Chinese/English/ Portuguese), Macau China (English translation), and about a dozen papers in Chinese and international journals

  • Wine Poetry
  • Humanities Education
  • Pursuit of Truth and Harmony

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