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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Between Worlds: Indigenous Fijians, Identity and Ethnonationalism

Unaisi Nabobo.

Indigenous Fijians comprise a little more than half of Fiji’s population of 800,000. The paper explores how this indigenous group is having to carve out their identity given the interplay of the forces of globalism which include globalisation and local forces such as the Fijian Administration ( the local indigenous Government within the Government).

The paper argues that when identity and matters relating to that are challenged, expressions of ethnonationalism such as that seen in the recent coups in Fiji.

The survival of small states like Fiji as viable democracies depends on how they can continue to address effectively the challenges of ethnonationalism.


Unaisi Nabobo  (New Zealand)
PhD student
Cultural and Policy Studies in Education
University of Auckland

Unaisi Nabobo is an indigenous Fijian currently on leave from her lecturing position at the University of the South Pacific. She is undertaking PhD studies in education at the University of Auckland.

  • Indigenous
  • Identity Ethnonationalism

(30 min Conference Paper, English)