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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Democracy in The Arab World: The Case of Women Political Participation in Jordan

Ghazi Saleh Nahar.

Democracy does not imply a single system of governance, and basic differences underlay each form of democratic rule .In addition to the institutions, which establish and safeguard democracy, successful democracy requires that people have to totally understand the true meaning of it, and total faith in it, in much the same way they would believe in a religion. So, this article will discuss democracy process in the Arab World: Challenges, Achievements and Prospects. This article presents an overview and analysis of this common democratic concern as they emerged during the past two decades in the Arab World. The case of Jordan : When talking about democratization in Jordan before 1974 women’s rights are often forgotten .In 1974 Jordanian women won the right to vote and run for office .So, this article aims at analyzing the role of Jordanian women in political life by trying to demonstrate the size of their participation, the social oppositions, and the other numerous restraints that hinder their political participation in Jordan.


Ghazi Saleh Nahar  (Jordan)
Member of staff and Political science.
Humanities Department
Jordan University of Science and Technology

First: Ghazi
Middle: Saleh Nahar
Last: Bani Melhem

E-mail add. :
Hom.Tel : 0096227252488
Mob .Tel : 0795330688
Office.Tel : 009622 7201000 Ext : 22563
Mail address: P.O. Box 3030
Jordan University of Science &Technology
Humanities Department/ Collage of Science &Arts
Nationality: Jordanian
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July/15/1949
Objective: Teaching &Academic Research

1984 M.A & Ph.D. Political Sociology, Keele University, four years/ U.K./ Scholarship

1979 BA, Political Science, Baghdad University, four years/Iraq./scholarship
1970 Physical Education Diploma, two years/ Syria./Scholarship
1967 High School/ Jordan.

2000 -2002 Head of Humanities Departement
1990-now Staff Member/ Humanities Department/ Jordan University of Science & Technology/ Jordan.
1988-1990 Staff Member/ Collage of Political Science/ Baghdad University/ Iraq.
1987-1988 Fulbright Scholarship/ George Washington University/ Washington DC/ U.S.A.
1986 Research fellowship/ Middle East Technical University/ Ankara/ Turkey.
1986 Visiting fellowship/ Oxford & Exeter Universities/ U.K.
1984-1986 Member of staff/ International studies department/ Al-mustanseriyah University/ Iraq


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