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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Hellenic Traditions and the Greek Diaspora: Developing an Innovative Learning Tour

Julian Silverman, Eugenia Arvanitis.

This workshop will develop an innovative pedagogical framework for a 28 day study tour to Greece that will enable learners of Greek and other cultural backgrounds to understand the contributions of Hellenic traditions to their own personal and collective identities.

In this workshop participants will be encouraged to conceptualise the role of international study tours in assisting students to formulate a sense of place and culture within a rapidly evolving global society. A series of analytical exercises will reveal the role of educators in working with local communities and activist organizations concerned with social and cultural change. The reinterpretion of living traditions central to western society will form the basis of this dynamic educational program.


Julian Silverman  (Australia)
Coordiantor Community Service Dploma Programs
Department Social and Community Services, Faculty, Education, Languages and Community Services
RMIT University

Mr Silverman has undertaken a range of intercultural training programs for RMIT University. He is currently engaged in development and delivery of a Workplace Assessment and Training, customised and contextualised for Indigenous Australian participants.

Julian has received a range of industry awards for his intercultural training skills as well as his research and program design capabilities including an Indian Study Tour for Australian students examining self help groups and social change in India. He has also completed radio programs for broadcast in India and Australia

Eugenia Arvanitis  (Australia)
Manager/Lecturer in Greek Language and Cultural Studies
Australian-Greek resource and Learning Centre Faculty of Education, Language
RMIT University

Dr Eugenia Arvaniti was born on the Ionian island of Lefkada in Greece. She colpleted her BA at the University of Ioannina, Greece and her Ph.D. at RMIT university, Melbourne. She is currently co-ordinating the Australian-Greek Resource and Learning Center at RMIT University, Melbourne.

  • Study tours
  • Community Building Education
  • Cultural learnings
  • Global diasporas
  • Internationalisation of the Curriculum

(60 min Workshop, English)