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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Bridging Global Concepts through Collaborative Art

Alzaruba Alzaruba.

Decades ago, my first encounter with the term global nomad gave me a new sense of identity in context. As a result, my work as a visual artist shifted from personal concerns and began to explore the larger issues of identity relationships in a changing world. With a childhood shaped by the Asia-Pacific arena, my life has ranged from coming of age in Central America, to the opportunities of the United States, to birthing my creative voice while living in Europe. Each society has provided equitable experience towards defining my personal understanding of the human family while also helping to illuminate how the fabric of identity, like that of language, is a highly mutable, subjective process. Yet, both radiate from a shared sense of being based upon universal truths. Eventually, I learned the value of embracing these apparently endless social contradictions and subsuming them into visual work that now seeks to explore what all people have in common.


Alzaruba Alzaruba  (United States)
Adjunct Teacher
Fine Arts Department
Towson University

Alzaruba is a trans-cultural, multimedia artist based in Baltimore since 1988. His childhood took place in the Asia –Pacific Basin and his high school years in the Panama Canal Zone. Upon graduation he moved to California to study art. Following that, he enlisted in the Navy for ten years as an award-winning illustrator. In 1980, this culminated in his appointment as the shop supervisor of Public Affairs to the Blue Angels. His aviation paintings are included in the Air Force Art Collection in Washington, D.C., the Experimental Aircraft Museum in Oshkosh and the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.

  • Next World Order
  • The Human Object

(30 min Conference Paper, English)