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The Humanities Conference 2003

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European Cultural Studies in a US Community and in a Globalised Economy: European Cultural Issues that Pose a Challenge to the American Society and the Global Subject

Dr. Petropoulou, Diane Paravazian, Annalisa Sacca.

This paper will focus:
-On the recent anti-French trends/stereotypes in the States as the censored culture
-On the civic French ideals that go back to the French Revolution:
-On the teaching values of the Francophone ideals that foster subjectivity in a world that undergo changes, brought about by globalisation, and the clash of cultural values in transnational contexts.
-Finally the role of the censored culture in the classroom (fostering discussions on race and gender as well as empowering the student to elaborate an inner life and communicate it while creating a discourse on difference.)
In addition as a case study will be presented the French culture within the U.N.:

"The United Nations in French and Francophone Language and Cultural Studies"

- More than one quarter of UN member states are Francophone.
- French is the second working language at the UN.

Main Discussion Points

How the United Nations is used to:
- enrich multicultural understanding of a vast number of countries, languages and regions
- bring French and Francophone studies back home to New York City
- provide hands-on experience to students in in-service courses, volunteer experiences and internships
- underline the relevance of France and Francophone countries in international affairs (Security Council)
- educate more knowledgeable and effective negotiators, statesmen and citizens


Dr. Petropoulou  (United States)
Associate Professor in French
Department of Languages and Literatures
St. John's University

Associate Professor of French, French Coordinator-Coordinator of the Study Abroad Program in France.
Areas of research: French women writers (especially of the XVIIIth century)

Diane Paravazian  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Languages and Literatures
St. John’s University

Annalisa Sacca  (United States)
Dr. Carla Lucente Daniela De Pau Department of Languages and Literatures
St. John's University

Born in Italy Received Ph.D. from New York University in Italian .Specialization in Contemporary Italian Literature. Published four books and two collections of poems. Member of the Parnassos poetry Society in Greece.

  • French civic values
  • French stereotypes in US
  • French/Francophone culture

(60 min Workshop, English)