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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Internet, Literature from the Southern Francophony and Globalization

Françoise Naudillon.

This paper proposes to explore how the Internet could modify the literary economy, for Francophone and Maghreb literature in particular. In a context where public expression is often a dangerous pursuit, the Internet, as an alternative venue to traditional print media, seems to transform this practice by the way it disseminates information. Today, we can no longer study literature without taking into account this newly developing refuge for discourse and literary practice. The publication of on-line texts and the potential for authors to reach not only a desired target but also an international audience are factors that not only modify literary communication but its practice as well. At the same time as it robs the practice of its sacred aura, the Internet and other emerging technologies allow the true emergence of a multi-faceted and multi-voiced Francophony within globalization


Françoise Naudillon  (Canada)
Assistant professor
Département d'études françaises
Concordia University


(30 min Conference Paper, french-english)