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The Humanities Conference 2003

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A Wolf to Himself: The Inhuman Condition of the Transparent Subject

Louise Mabille.

An analysis of the conditions of exposure that mark the existence of the modern subject.
By drawing on the insights of Hannah Arendt and Odo Marquard, it will be shown that the imperialism of the private domain and the merciless demands of the Kantian 'Sollensethik' lead to the inhuman condition of an exposed subject under increasing pressure to further disclose itself.


Louise Mabille  (South Africa)
Burary holder and junior lecturer
Department of Philosophy Faculty of Humanities
University of Pretoria

  • Arendt
  • Public vs private
  • Moral tribunal
  • Rise of the social
  • Exposure
Person as Subject
  • Arendt, Hannah. Kant, Immanue.l Marquard, Odo.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)