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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Phenomenon of Inequality in the Context of Decline of Metanarrations

Irina Mitina.

The downfall of the modern era and the decline of modernist metanarratives at the same time destroyed the idea of equality. Postmodernism era coming has simultaneously become the era of inequality coming both on global and subglobal levels. The main inequality-forming factor becomes culture. Cultural differences carry out subordination functions as the cultural sphere is subjected to rationalization and regulation based on rationalization to the smallest degree.
Postmodernist problematization of cultural grounds of inequality is directed at inclusion and constellation of the phenomenon inequality. The era of postmodern develops two main strategies with respect to inequality - strategy of imaginary annihilation and the strategy of semantic rehabilitation.
The strategy of imaginary annihilation provides for a possibility of game performative expansion of cultural boundaries of associations and creates simulation of destratification. The strategy of semantic rehabilitation reinterprets the problems of the Intellectual and his relations with the "masses", produces simulacrs of knowledge, and simulation of the intellectual actions, affirms the importance of knowledge, in a latent way contributes to the understanding and accepting the principles of functioning socium.


Irina Mitina

  • Modern Metanarrative
  • Equality/Inequality
  • Cultural Fundamentals of Inequality
  • Postmodernist
  • Problematization of Inequality
  • Strategy of Imaginary Annihilation
  • Simulation of Destratification
  • Strategy of Semantic Rehabilitation
  • Intellectual as Conceptual Personage of Postmodern Simualcrs of Knowledge Simulation

(30min Paper Presentation, English)