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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Creative Writing and Oral Literature As A Remedy to Ethnic Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa

Samba Diop.

Postcolonial Africa is marred by violent and bloody conflicts that are caused by ethnic, tribal, economic, and political strife and misunderstandings. Creative writing such as poetry and fiction as well as oral literature *storytelling and epic) can help toward preventing and resolving these conflicts that tear the social fabric of contemporary African societies


Samba Diop  (United States)

Teaches Francophone Literatures and Film at Harvard. Have published books and articles on Francophone lit, film, and on the African Wolof Epic tradition of Senegal.

  • Creative writing
  • Fiction and poetry
  • African oral literatures
  • Storytelling and epic literature
  • Conflic prevention and resolution
  • Cultural and linguistic heritage

(30 min Conference Paper, English)