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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Dance and Culture: Lecture Classes in Dance for General Education Requirements in Higher Education

Associate Professor Karen Potter, Beth Salemi.

Dance as an Art form is sometimes studied from what can be viewed as the somewhat limited western perspective. However, both in academia and in workshops and studios around the world, recent trends provide evidence of opportunities for students to study a wide variety of world dance forms. Of value, especially in institutions of higher education that boast student populations of diversity, is the opportunity to study not only the physical aspects of world dance forms, but to understand the diverse roles that dance has played in many different cultures, globally, both ancient and contemporary. The models presented will provide outlines for developing courses that utilize both media presentations and studio experiences to serve as foundations for studying Dance and Culture.


Associate Professor Karen Potter  (United States)
Associate Professor of Dance
Dance Program, Department of Theater Arts
Case Western Reserve University

Karen Potter’s artistic achievements include a lengthy tenure with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company where she was featured in Mr. Hawkins renowned works, Classic Kite Tails and Meditations on Orpheus, and tenures with the companies of Nancy Meehan, Sasha Spielvogel’s Labryinth Dance Theater, Martita Goshen’s Earthworks, and the Space Dance Theater of Houston, Texas. She has also enjoyed the privilege of dancing in works by Lucinda Childs, James Clouser, Kelly Holt and Albert Reid to name a few. Her reputation as a teacher and her performance accolades have earned her engagements in Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. In 1993, she was selected as an Arts Specialist for USIA and was privileged to be the first American Modern Dancer to teach and perform for the Ankara Devlet Opera ve Balesi Modern Dans Toplulugu of Turkey. Prior to her appointment as Director of the Dance Program and Associate Professor of Dance at Case Western Reserve University, Ms. Potter was an Assistant Professor of Dance at Long Island University for five years where she was Acting Chair and founder/director of the Dance Wellness Program. She was also the director of the dance program at Northwestern University in Louisiana for five years. In addition, she has been on the faculty at DanceSpace Inc. and the Jose Limon Institute in New York since 1991 and was the Assistant Director of the New York International Ballet Competition for 10 year. Ms. Potter holds an MFA in Dance from Case Western Reserve University and an MA and BA in Dance from Sam Houston State University.

Beth Salemi

  • Ethnic forms
  • Theatrical Dance
  • Myths
  • Rituals

(30 min Conference Paper, English)