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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Europe and Us: Recording and Analyzing Primary School Students' Views Concerning their European Identity

Dora Tellidou, Elena Zigouri, Paraskevi Golia, Panayiotis Nottas.

Common cultural heritage of European nations in addition to globalization of economy and politics, form the basis of European Union. Within this frame, an on going communication between people and cultures is seeking for a balanced interaction. Does multiculturalism lead to power and prosperity or to gradual demolishing and corrosion of the nations particular identities? Pupils' discourse plays an important role in self-defining or hetero-defining process of challenging or doubting values and ideas. Pedagogic consideration deal with the issue of national identity interacting with issues such as racism, xenophobia, culture, sexism, ect. 6th grade students of primary schools in Kastoria were asked to write about 'Europe and Us'. A discourse analysis of their written product aims at investigation of the parameters influencing their identity designation.


Dora Tellidou
Postgraduate Student

Aristotle University

Post graduate student of Aristotle University, faculty of Pedagogy

Elena Zigouri  (Greece)

Elena Zigouri, date of birth: 1962. Teacher of Primary Education. Graduate of Pedagogic Academy Thessaloniki in 1982, graduate of Teacher Training Institute ''Dimitris Glinos'' and Graduate of Pedagogic Department of Education of Aristotle University Thessaloniki in 2001. MS in faculty of Education, Pedagogic Department of Florina, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, subject: ''Evaluation of the Educational Environmental Programs: an empirical research for the West Macedonian programs (1997-2001) and model application''. Member of the pedagogical team of the Environmental Educational Center of kastoria, 1998-2000. She is currently headmistress of the 3rd Primary School in Kastoria.

Paraskevi Golia  (Greece)

Paraskevi Golia is teacher in Primary Education. She has studied Pedagogic at the University of Salonica. She attended Postgraduated Studies in Pedagogic- Humanities and Historical Studies at the same University. She is currently a candidate doctor in Educational Politics at the same University and she is assistant in teaching Modern History. She has published several papers in Greek and European scientific journals about pedagogic and educational software in education.

Panayiotis Nottas

Teacher of Primary Education, headmaster of the 2nd Primary school in the city of Florina. Graduate of Pedagogic Academy Florina and Graduate of Pedagogic Department of Education of Florina, Aristotle University Thessaloniki. Graduate of Teacher Training Institute ''Dimitris Glinos'' in

  • European Identity
  • European culture
  • Identity designation
  • Multiculturalism

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