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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Looking Forward in the Rearview Mirror: Classics in a Globalized Society

Albert P. Steiner.

The Humanities, Classics to be more precise, can serve as a model to look towards the future. A series of witnesses from the past, from Protagoras to Santayana, will be called upon for a glimpse of the role Classics can play in a globalized society.

Because Classics has seen, in one form or another, most of the situations of conflicts that will arise in the globalized society of today and the future.

It is not necessary to ‘reinvent the wheel’ when Classics can ‘look forward in the rearview mirror’, that is, furnish a satisfactory suggestion for the possible outcomes of impending problems.


Albert P. Steiner  (United States)
Professor of Latin
Department of Classical Studies
Butler University

  • Classics
  • Globalized Society
  • Citizenship

(30 min Conference Paper, English)