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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Globalization in Javier Cercas novel, Soldados de

Alicia Andreu.

The purpose of my presentation is to explore the ways in which Javier Cercas deals with issues of new globalization in his astonishing novel, both at the historical and literary levels. I will show how this novel is transnational as well as post-national. In its international scope it embraces the participation and inclusion of a multiplicity of Spanish cultural voices, be that of religion, region, nationality, gender, class, race and sexual orientation. In its post-national level, the novel is a re-writing of a central event in Spanish history, the Civil War. Through his main character, Sanchez Mazas, the author explores the processes of war and their relationship with issues of power and knowledge.


Alicia Andreu  (United States)
Professor of Spanish
Spanish Department
Middlebury College


(30 min Conference Paper, English)