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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Globalised Journalism and the Internet age

Prof. Alan Knight.

This presentation examines the role of foreign correspondents, government interventions in the news creation process and the new players in global media.

It considers how global television undermined the Khmer Rouge’s credibility in Cambodia but recognizes how governments subsequently deployed new technologies to make their spin on international events universal. It shows how foreign correspondents have become increasingly dependent on these sanctioned internet sources even as their dominance of international news is challenged by websites created by the most extreme of news makers.

I will consider the following questions:
* Do the new globalised media technologies help or hinder “good” journalism?
* What happens to local perspectives on international stories?
* Does the resulting freedom of choice mean better news or just more of the same?

In this paper I will refer to studies I have carried out exploring those issues, in Cambodia in 1993, in Hong Kong for the handover in 1997 and in Australia in 2001 and in cyberspace in 2002.


Prof. Alan Knight  (Australia)
Professor of Journalism
Central Queensland University

Dr Alan Knight is Chair Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Central Queensland University and President of CQU’s Academic Board. Together with Dr Yoshiko Nakano, he authored Reporting Hong Kong: How the foreign press covered the handover (London: Curzon Press, 1999). He also wrote Reporting the Orient : Australian correspondents in Cambodia (Chicago: Xlibris 2001).

Dr Knight is a former journalist, was appointed an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Asian Studies at Hong Kong University in 1994.

  • Globalism
  • Internet
  • Foreign correspondents
  • News
  • Journalists

(30 min Conference Paper, English)