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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Collective Identity Markers in an Immigrant-Descended Ethnic Group: A Field Study of California Mexican-Americans.

Jacques Delacroix.

The present paper reports on a small field study of collective identity markers in young California Mexican-Americans. The study is part of a larger endeavor exploring the links between exposure to imported screen media (motion pictures and television), on the one hand, and the formation and transformation of collective identities, on the other. The broader endeavor will proceed in steps from (infra-national) ethnic groups to collective identities at the national level, to local communities. Mexican-Americans are an instance of an ethnic group formed almost entirely by immigration. A companion study of an ethnic group resulting from political absorption in situ into a state is in the planning stage.


Jacques Delacroix  (United States)
Professor of Management
Management Department
Santa Clara University

Born Paris,1942. PhD Sociology,
Stanford U. 1974. Director,
International Business Program
Publications in Org. Theory,
INternational Business,
Sociology of Economic Development

  • Identity
  • Screen media
  • Mexican-Americans

(30 min Conference Paper, English)