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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Humanities and Sustainability: Educational Strategies for the Liberal Arts and Technological Education

Prof. Arthur B. Sacks.

Sustainability of environmental systems--at levels that range from the local to the global--and human systems (society and culture) which are embedded in environmental systems, has become the most significant challenge to humankind. Trends in the growth of population and consumption, and resultant biospheric and societal problems require the humanities to focus attention on the meaning and behavioural implications of sustainability to enhance human understanding of core environmental and cultural issues,including the role of changing values, ethics, perceptions, and beliefs. The humanities must incorporate an exploration of the significance of science and technology within liberal arts education, and the humanities must be incorporated within technological and applied science education. The importance of this is only slowly beging recognized in contemporary higher education, but the trend is encouraging.


Prof. Arthur B. Sacks  (United States)
Professor & Director
Division of Liberal Arts & International Studies
Colorado School Of Mines

  • Human Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Global Sustainability
  • Humanities, Liber and Technological Education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)