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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Effects of Globalisation and Technology on Economic and Social Organisations

Dr Siegfried Gudergan.

The performance of organisations?wether economic or social?is often conceptualised as the result of congruency between the level of satisfaction of internal stakeholders and that of external stakeholders (e.g., Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger 1997). Interactional psychology (e.g., Endler and Magnusson 1976), social identity theory (e.g., Stets and Burke 2000) and social impact theory (Latan?981) provide the theoretical grounding for this notion. Utilising these theories, in this paper, the effects of two societal changes are discussed: globalisation (e.g., cultural diversity) and technology (e.g., internet communication). The paper concludes with clarifying those conditions that can hinder the performance of economic and social organisations.


Dr Siegfried Gudergan  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business
University of Technology, Sydney

  • Performance
  • Economic and Social Organisation
  • Globalisation
  • Technology

(Virtual Presentation, English)