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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Globalization, the Three Worlds and other New World Orders

Carl Pletsch.

I will evaluation the concept of globalization as a description of the expected new world order that is supposed to have succeeded to the cold war. I will refer to a paper that I published in the early '80s on the concept of the third world, in which I showed that the three worlds scheme was the conceptual new world order that emerged in the early 1950s to make sense of the post-war rivalry of the soviet block and the west for influence in the less developed world. I will also refer briefly to the Versailles treaty (1919), the Congress of Vienna and a few other new world orders. But my primary goal is examine the plausibility and utility of "globalization" in the context of other new world orders.


Carl Pletsch  (United States)
University of Colorado

Middle aged Professor of History

  • New World Order
  • Third World
  • Three Worlds
  • Globalization

(30 min Conference Paper, English)