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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Visual Boundaries: Economic Agendas as Mapped Representations Through Pictorial Systems

Todd Joseph DeVriese.

Central to the concept of identity, in relation to belonging, is the representation of place. Maps occupy a special place in the formation and reinforcement of identity. They speak to economics, histories, politics, as well as to scientific aims and the pursuit of an objective understanding of the world. The locations where these agendas cross is an area destined for continual interpretation. The session is devoted to an examination of these interpretations, and how artists have advanced these issues on the world stage.


Todd Joseph DeVriese  (United Arab Emirates)
Department of Art & Design
Zayed University

  • Identity
  • Representation
  • Maps
  • Economics
  • Histories
  • Politics
  • World
  • Agenda
  • Interpretation
  • Artists

(30 min Conference Paper, English)