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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Future of the Humanities: An Appreciative Inquiry

Prof. Freddie Crous.

Johannesburg may be regarded as the economic gateway to Southeren Africa and the rest of the continent. But it may also play a meaningful role in the renaissance of the African continent, given its significant location: the city is situated close to the Sterkfontein caves ( a world heritage site) where some of the most significant evidence of the origins of man has been discovered. Some paleontologists have called the Sterkfontein surroundings "the cradle of humankind". RAU University is one of two large Johannesburg Universities. Lecturers from this institution, teaching in the area of the humanities will be invited to an appreciative inquiry - a constructive mode of action research. These lecturers, mindful of their rich history, will be challenged to discover, dream, design and produce deliverables on the purpose and future of the humanities - especially within the African context. An overview of this collaborative effort and its outcomes will be presented at the conference.


Prof. Freddie Crous  (South Africa)
Lecturer in Industrial Psychology
Programme in Industrial Psychology
Rand Afrikaans University



Freddie is co-ordinator of the Programme in Industrial Psychology at the Department of Human Resource Management, RAU. He has 12 years of lecturing experience in consumer psychology, social psychology, career development, industrial psychological design, performance management and strategic management. Prior to his appointment at RAU he worked as a human resource practitioner and as a publisher.

He obtained his M Comm (Cum Laude). His research was done in the domain of consumer psychology. His doctoral studies were on the contextualisation of entrepreneurship. He has published in a variety of scientific journals and has presented papers at conferences both nationally and internationally. He contributed to a text book on consumer behaviour and was co-editor of the book On the way to meaning: essays in remembrance of Victor Frankl.

Freddie is a registered psychologist, and is a member of PsySSA, the Society for Industrial Psychology and the South African Board for Personnel Practice. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Industrial Psychology. He has consulted to various organisations and individuals. He has practised in the fields of career development, organisational change and development, psychological testing, and HR for line managers.

Tel: 011-489-2875 (w)
Fax: 011-489-2710 (w)
Cell: 082-882-7713

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • African context
  • African renaissance and the humanities

(30 min Conference Paper, English)