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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Tourism Impacts and the Chinese Local Communities

Yiping Li.

While tourism development encourages economic growth of a destination, its impacts transform the local communities. This essay presents observations of tourism impacts on the Chinese local communities, with social/cultural, economic and environmental perspectives. It seeks to provide a model for China area research specialists studying encounters between tourists and hosts at tourism destinations, where the goal of maintaining a sustainable social/cultural, economic and natural environment is an imperative for the survival and progress of the local communities. China’s tourism policies since 1978 serve as a paradigm for this study. Tourism practices such as ethnic tourism merit the attention of the study for advancing the knowledge needed to minimize the costs and maximize the benefits of tourism. The case of cross-border tourist activities in Shenzhen, China is presented as an example of tourism impacts on the Chinese local communities.


Yiping Li  (China)
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
The University of Hong Kong

Yiping Li is a geographer and researcher with a concentration in sociocultural, political and economic aspects of tourism and leisure. Currently he is an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong. Specifically, his interests in tourism and leisure cover socio-economic trends and impacts, international development, geography and urban culture, and planning and management of recreation resources

  • Tourism destination
  • Tourism impact
  • Economic growth
  • Social transformation, Environmental modification, Tourist
  • Guest
  • Ethnic tourism
  • Shenzhen
  • China

(30 min Conference Paper, English)