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The Humanities Conference 2003

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New Media, The Global Baroque

Tom Loveday.

This paper poses the question as to whether the art-form "New Media", by being both critical and complicit in the machinery of globalisation, has an ethical role in globalisation. It does so using philosophical analysis of examples.

Also shown, with examples, is that the art-form, "New Media", is intimately linked with the emerging divisions within globalism. It is argued that "New Media", is analogous with a digital Cartesian model of interiorised being that is given movement through the form of time. This accords with the Deleuzian analysis of Kant's argument, in "Critique of Judgment", that the determined self has the form of time, where "vectors" indicate that form.
"New Media" is created in such a way that art is asserted as meta-nature in order to take on a role similar to science; meta-science, or alchemy in which being is replaced with "data". "New Media" represents the de-subjectivised self as a "natural" event. Data is the medium of "New Media" in which has been opened a place for globalisation to be taken as "natural".

Also offered are related analysis of computing. This shows that computing uses a hierarchy of selection, as a data-sieving machine. The wheels of the computer are "digital", which imbues data with the essential element of "natural" Number. The computer then, is more than a model of being; it becomes a virtual event with the form of time and essence of number that lays claim to the flux of human existence.


Tom Loveday  (Australia)
Faculty of Design Architecture and Building
University of Technology, Sydney

Tom Loveday is a lecturer in design and architecture at University of Technology, Sydney and has taught in architecture and design at Adelaide University and University of South Australia Sydney as well as drawing at University of Sydney. Teaching areas are design theory, design studio, communications and design computing. Research areas are primarily art and design theory and philosophy. Tom is an artist and PhD Student at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

  • Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • New Media
  • Globalisation
  • Philosophy
Person as Subject
  • Kant, Immanuel Deleuze, Gilles Range of Contemporary Artists working in 'New Media'

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