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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Two Folk Dances from the United States: The Visceral Dynamics of Identity and Belonging on our Planet through Dance

Marc Strauss.

"The Virginia Reel" and "Salty Dog Rag" are two typical folk dances that are often practiced and enjoyed during square, contra, and folk events around the United States. In this 60 minute workshop, participants will learn, practice, and dance these two routines, demonstrating and then discussing the visceral, intellectual, and communal dynamics that folk dancing automatically embodies as it is participated in by total strangers.


Marc Strauss  (United States)
Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance
Department of Theatre and Dance
Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Marc Strauss is an associate professor of theatre and dance at Southeast Missouri State University. Holding a Ph.D. in Dance and Related Arts from Texas Woman's University (1996), Dr. Strauss's professional expertise and interests include aesthetics, criticism, dance history, dance on film, and choreography/performance.

  • Workshop participation and interaction

(60 min Workshop, English)