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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Desiring Self: In Search of the Other for Performative Hegemony and Revival of the Italian and Global Stage

Marena Lobosco.

This session will explore the 'operatic' culture in Italy post Risorgimento and today as demonstrated in both theatre and society as well as the importance of theatre in eliciting response in society for national and global change. While Verdi's music provided an outstanding artistic claim for which the Italians are justly proud, the libretti were not of a High poetical form and therefore elicited no response. In popular theatre the spectator, at best (with opera), assumes a false consciousness based on the eloquently oratorical 'operatic' characters onstage in productions which require no social responses and which provoke no thought or subsequent action. In non-popular theatre, this very same 'operatic' character is portrayed in satirical masks but was unrecognized by the Italian spectator (quoting a Pirandellian character) 'for the good reason that he doesn't wish to'. But why doesn't he? Further, despite this denial, is a Viconian corsi e ricorsi inevitable as globalization continues to remove us further and further from truth and as the current political stage, directed by US foreign policy, opens our eyes to our new leading roles in the Middle East.


Marena Lobosco  (United States)
Hunter College, City University of New York
Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature and Italian Studies, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Marena’s work has been published in several national literary journals, and has been produced and performed in the US and in Europe. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature/Italian Studies at The Graduate Center (CUNY), Marena teaches both writing and literature courses at Hunter College (CUNY).

  • Theatre
  • Culture
  • Globalization
Person as Subject
  • Gramsci, Antonio Vico, Giambattisto Plato Pirandello, Luigi

(Virtual Presentation, English)