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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Deconstructing the Conflict between Culture and Feminism in a Global Context

Dr Ann Scholl.

Many contemporary scholars (e.g., Martha Nussbaum) attempt to dismiss or resolve ethical conflicts between goals of cultural self-determination and feminism. This presentation analyzes the success and failure of such attempts. Some appeal to universal values in order to resolve these attempts, but in the end, these appeals to universal values are in conflict with particular, cultural values. The only plausible approaches are those allowing for a plurality of values, coherent as a set but not individually universalizable. Concepts of 'flourishing', for instance, may not universalizable, but a set of values what it means to flourish might allow for a given group's cultural self-determination and allow changes to those cultural values to meet feminist values.


Dr Ann Scholl  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Philosophy & Women's Studies
Minnesota State University, Moorhead

Author of "Legally Respecting Fetuses as Persons," Public Affairs Quarterly, 1996
Author of (forthcoming) manuscript, "Illusions, Delusions and Dreams: Descartes's Use of Imagination in the Meditations", Peter Lang
Presentations: Gaps in the Feminist Theory of Sport, at 4 conferences and colloquia
"Material Falsity and Objects of Imagination", at 3 national/regional conferences
"Imagination and Skepticism in Descartes's Med. VI"
Current interests include development of course and papers in areas of Global Feminism.

  • Feminism
  • International
  • Ethics
  • Feminist Ethics
  • Cultural Values
Person as Subject
  • Martha Nussbaum Women and Human Development Smith Bonnie ed. Global Feminism.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)