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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Free Speech Attitudes Across Cultures

William Haskins, Dr Tami Eggleston.

The exchange of ideas appears difficult if not impossible to do without some degree of freedom of speech. In the United States, its Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of speech within certain legal parameters. This freedom is viewed as essential if as a society the United States is to advance socially, politically and economically.

This paper explores the important topic of freedom of speech from a cross-cultural perspective. Approximately, ten countries are involved in the study. Surveys have been distributed mainly to college audiences to complete. Thus far, six countries have responded. The countries of Russia and Argentina will be sending their surveys by late December. The data will be analysed using SPSS package. A review of literature section will be included in the paper.

Conclusions will be drawn based upon responses to demographic information and a twenty question survey.


William Haskins  (United States)
Speech Communication
McKendree College

Dr. William Haskins teaches speech communication. He is married to Linda. They have two children, Billy and Crista

Dr Tami Eggleston  (United States)

McKendree College

  • Freedom of speech
  • Bill of Rights
  • Cross-cultural perspective

(30min paper, English)