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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Humanities as an Instrumentality for the Achievement of Justice

Robert Lewis.

As former Managing Partner of my law firm, I felt that I must inculcate my associates with the idea that being a "successful" lawyer first requires acknowledging the real raison d' etre for our profession, that is, being an instrumentality for the achievement of Justice. However, since there is a continuous search for, and wide disagreement on, what Justice is and how it should be applied, I escorted them back to the Humanities. I had them read, discuss and, in extended lunch hours, act out some of the great Greek tragedies that — because of their greatness — still have much to teach us about the roots of Justice and particularly how man-made law may not be Justice after all. They began to think of Justice as a concept to be applied on a daily, personal basis — they became not only better lawyers, but Humanists. This workshop explores the dynamic vitality of the humanities in everyday situations.


Robert Lewis  (United States)
Scholar in Residence

Cuyahoga Community College

I have enjoyed 83 years of life and three professorships--in Law, in Classical Studies and in The Governance of Non-profit Organizations. I have also enjoyed 46 years of practice as a corporate lawyer, and experienced 5 years of combat service in the military (WW II). Since my first professorial experience (1948) I have been practicing, and expounding on the idea that no matter what one's vocational direction, he/she must have a heavy exposure to the Humanities.

  • Humanities
  • Justice
  • Law

(30 min Paper, English)