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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Minority Literatures and the Ethics of Multiculturalism in the late 20th Century

Sonita Sarker.

The conference presentation is part of a book-in-progress in which the subjects of my research are indigenous and immigrant women's cultural productions in the United States, England, and France in the late 20th century. The objective of the conference paper and the book is to evaluate whether the cultural policies of these nation-states serve these minorities bids for full, participatory citizenship. I use literary and theatrical productions, philosophical treatises on ethics and subjectivity, institutional documents state and trans/national on cultural policy-making, and interviews with writers and policy-makers to study how structures have shifted, are metamorphosing, and can further change to engender new civil societies. My research on these themes will connect to theories and practices of cultural democracy, minority representation, civic and international funding, and structural deployments of multiculturalism.


Sonita Sarker  (United States)
Associate Professor and Chair
Women's and Gender Studies/English
Macalester College

Sonita Sarker is the co-editor of Trans-Status Subjects: Gender in the Globalization of South and Southeast Asia (Duke UP, 2002). She is currently writing a book on the role of feminist cultural productions in the enactments of new civil societies.

  • Indigenous women
  • Immigrant women
  • Cultural production
  • Nation-state
  • Multiculturalist philosophy
  • Citizenship and democracy
  • Minority representation
  • Civil society

(30 min Conference Paper, English)