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The Humanities Conference 2003

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This Globalism: Immigration/Minorities

Egbiye Akindele Adejo.

This topic for the purpose of comprehension and appreciation has to be looked at from the outside to the inside. Human movement may be voluntary or involuntary in whichever way it is considered, It is still human movement. We need to look at the causes of voluntary and involuntary human movement.
Basically, voluntary human movement does not require external forces in its culmination. This is a deliberate, intentional or personal reason for which someone will consider moving or migrating from his or her place of origin to another place where there is an anticipation or prospect of better life unlike his or her place of birth. This aspect of human movement is more bureaucratic and involves preparation and arrangement. Involuntary human movement always has an external forces whether political or natural that will lead to it. Politically human movement is actualized when the views and perspectives of political opponents are not welcome. Ultimately, criticisms are misunderstood, especially in the fledgling African Democracies where political leaders and their regimes are dictatorships. Arrest and oppressions lead to exile and escape from danger. A natural factor that instigates human movement is War and sometimes disasters which render many people completely helpless and worst of all homeless. Human movement on this occasion is less bureaucratic with little or no arrangement or preparation. Usually, welfare institutions see to the reallocation of victims to another country. In some cases, it involves governments who ensure that victims are resettled elsewhere.
In conclusion, this presentation will look at human movement, its consequences and the issue of becoming a minority as a result.


Egbiye Akindele Adejo  (Gambia)
Lecturer in Mathematics
Dept of Mathematics
St Augustine College, Banjul

I am a graduate of mathematics from University of Benin, Nigeria. I was born on 23rd Sept 1976. Presently working as a mathematics/economics teacher at St Augustine College, Banjul, the Gambia.

  • Topic: Human movement and its consequences-Immigration, minorities

(30 min Conference Paper, English)