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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Narratives of Historical Domination: Islam and the West

Albert Jacobbe.

This presentation compares the western construction of historical narrative developed by the German Idealists with that of the Egyptian Sayyid Qutb. It relates both narratives to globalization narrative.


Albert Jacobbe  (United States)
Instructor in Humanities
Daniel Webster College of Nashua New Hampshire

Born in Boston Mass and educated at Boston College and the University of Marquette. Currently instructor at Daniel Webster College, Nashua New Hampshire.

  • Historical Narratives
  • The Western construction of historical narrative
  • The Islamic construction of historical narrative.
  • The narrative of globalization
  • Conflict between historical narratives
Person as Subject
  • Immanuel Kant George Hegel Samuel Huntington Sayyid Qutb

(60 min Workshop, English)