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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Culture and Representation in the Process of European Integration

Antonio Menendez Alarcon.

This paper attempts to identify and explain social representation of the European Union's policies and actions in France, Spain and the United Kingdom and how the attachment to the nation-state is reproduced in connection with these representations. It focuses on the connections between the European Union policies, representations of these policies in the media, and perceptions of the European Union in the public and political leaders, and the ways these connections influence the process of European integration.


Antonio Menendez Alarcon  (United States)
Chair Department of Sociology
Butler University

Antonio V. Menéndez-Alarcón is Chair of the Department of Sociology at Butler University and Associate Professor of Sociology. Professor Menéndez research interests are on national and international culture, globalization, sociology of culture and mass media, and ethnic relations. He has published three books and a dozen articles. The next book, scheduled for 2003, addresses questions of national identity, nationalism, and sovereignty in the process of European integration.

  • National
  • Identity
  • Nationalism
  • Sovereignty
  • Media
  • European Union

(30 min Conference Paper, English)