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The Humanities Conference 2003

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The Anarcho-Literati: Subverting Corporate Hegemony Through Decentralized Artistic and Intellectual Distribution

Dr David Breeden.

A tension between capitalism's need to cross national borders for resources raw, human, and market and the need to consolidate power within nation states to ensure the accumulation of property has created a world in which corporations cross national boundaries with impunity while human beings remain caught in outmoded strictures of twentieth century nationalism, meeting emigration quotas, applying for passports, and dying in enclosed containers. Thus we see 'globalized' industries and markets but isolated, localized, labor forces. The horrendous human cost for those who labor in globalized industries and the destruction of local culture that global consumerism unleashes are apparent. Paradoxically, however, globalization may be providing the tools by which art and thought will break out of the boundaries of nation-states and language groups that have dominated since the Renaissance. For example, English, the language of corporate and media power, is providing the lingua franca for artists and intellectuals; the Internet provides a method of distributing music, cinema, literature, and ideas that subverts state-controlled intermediaries. Artists and intellectuals now have the means of production - and distribution - in hand.


Dr David Breeden  (United States)
Professor of English
English Department
Schreiner University

Dr. David Breeden is a poet, novelist and critic.

  • Globalization
  • Anarchy
  • Internet
  • Artists and intellectuals

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