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The Humanities Conference 2003

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Yevanic: Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Features of Judeo-Greek

Mary Connerty.

This study has two goals. The primary one is to describe the linguistic features of Judeo-Greek, one of many languages that fall into the category of 'Jewish Languages', lects whose unity is not genetic but is found in a cultural or historical framework (Fishman 1985, Paper 1978, Wexler 1981, U. Weinreich 1949, M. Weinreich 1956 and 1980, Belleli 1890). The description will not be a complete grammatical sketch, but rather will focus on phonological, morphosyntactic and lexical characteristics not found elsewhere in Greek. The secondary goal is to examine the current status of Judeo-Greek among its last remaining speakers, with reference to the existing research on the process of language death.


Mary Connerty  (United States)
Lecturer in English
Department of English
The Pennsylvania State University, The Behrend College

Born in Cambridge, MA. Has lived, worked, studied in many countries. Lives in Erie, PA with husband, Frank; son, Ari; and various dogs and cats.

  • Linguistic
  • Sociolinguistic
  • Greek
  • Jewish languages
  • Judeo-Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Language features
  • Language death

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