Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003




TUESDAY 1 July          3:00am         5:00am      Secretariat open for Registration - University of the Aegean


The Secretariat will be open from 8:00am on each day of the conference for registration, dinner & tour bookings.


WEDNESDAY 2 July    9:00              9:30am      WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION

                                                                                         - Pandelis Anastasopoulos Choir

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 1                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Morning Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 10:30-11.30

                                         10:45am      11:50am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 2                      Papers & Workshops

                                         11:55am         1:00pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 3                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 12.45–2:15

                                            1:05pm        2:10pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 4                      Papers & Workshops

                                            2:15pm        2:45pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 5                      Papers only

                                            2:45              3:00            Afternoon Tea

                                                                                         SIESTA BREAK

                                            7:00pm        8:00pm      OFFICIAL OPENING

                                                                                         - Nikos Kasseris' Multimedia Presentation

                                            8:00pm        9:00pm      PLENARY SESSION ONE                        Keynote Address

                                         10:00pm   -   11:00pm      The Savianna Giannatou Group National Theatre, Medieval Town

THURSDAY 3 July        8:30am         9:30am      PLENARY SESSION TWO

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 6                      Papers & Workshops

                                         10:40           11:00            Morning Tea

                                         11:00am      12:05pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 7                      Papers & Workshops

                                         12:10pm        1:15pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 8                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30

                                            1:20pm        2:25pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 9                      Papers & Workshops

                                            2:30pm        3:00pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 10                    Papers only

                                            2:30pm        3:30pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                            3:00              3:30            Afternoon Tea

                                                                                         SIESTA BREAK

                                            6:30pm        7:00pm      Performance by the Aegean University Theatrical Group

                                            7:00pm        8:00pm      PLENARY SESSION THREE                  Keynote Address

                                            8:00pm        9:00pm      PLENARY SESSION FOUR                     Panel Session

FRIDAY 4 July               8:25am         9:30am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 11                    Papers & Workshops

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 12                    Papers & Workshops

                                         10:40           11:00            Morning Tea

                                         11:00am      12:00pm      PLENARY SESSION FIVE                       Keynote Address

                                         12:05pm        1:10pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 13                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12.05pm         1.10pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30

                                            2:00pm        3:05pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 14                    Papers & Workshops

                                            3:10pm        4:15pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 15                    Papers & Workshops

                                                                                          Afternoon Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 3:30-4:30

                                            4:20pm        5:25pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 16                    Papers & Workshops

                                            8:00pm      CONFERENCE DINNER - Melathron Restaurant, Medieval City

SATURDAY 5 July        9:00am      10:05am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 17                    Papers & Workshops

                                         10:10am      11:15am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 18                    Papers & Workshops

                                         11:10           11:30            Morning Tea

                                         11:35am      12:40pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 19                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12:45pm        1:50pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 20                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12.40pm         1.45pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:30–3:00

                                            3:00pm        4:00pm      PLENARY SESSION SIX                          Keynote Address

                                            4:00              4:30            Afternoon Tea

                                            4:30pm        6:00pm      PLENARY SESSION SEVEN                   Closing Panel

                                                                                         - Modern Ballet Performance on Rene Aubry's Music.

                                            9.15pm      FOLKLORIC DANCE PERFORMANCE, Town Square, Medieval City


Program Structure: To accommodate the large number of presentations some of the Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Lunch times will overlap parallel session times. Refreshments & meals will be available throughout the extended break times to allow delegates to freely select sessions to attend.






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