UPDATED Tuesday 24 June 2003



Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003








- Pantelis Anastasopoulos Choir - Aegean Island Songs




PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 1 - Papers & Workshops


9:35-10:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 1A

10:10-10:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 1B

Room 1

Vassilis Fouskas, Senior Research Fellow, in European and International Studies at Kingston University, Panteion University Athens and University of London

Human Rights, Terrorism and US Foreign Policy

Irini Kanakousaki, Teacher on secondment to the

Pedagogical Institute, Greece

Human Rights and Nature’s Rights in Isonomy: The Fundamental Educational and Cultural Convention for the Developing of a Real Humanism


Room 2

Todd Joseph DeVriese, Chairman, Department of Art & Design, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

Visual Boundaries: Economic Agendas as Mapped Representations Through Pictorial Systems

Lili Hernandez, Postgraduate School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, Nottingham University, UK

Globalisation of Technologies and the Exclusion of Everyday Life

Room 3

Françoise J. Naudillon, Assistant Professor, Département d’Études Françaises, Concordia University, Canada, and Dr Gabriella Ricciardi, Assistant Professor, Faculty-Humanities, Pacific University, USA

The Internet, Literature from the Southern Francophony and Globalization

Dr Gabriella Ricciardi, Assistant Professor, Faculty-Humanities, Pacific University, USA, and Françoise J. Naudillon, Assistant Professor, Département d’Études Françaises, Concordia University, Canada

North Meets South: Cultural Hybridity in Oregon: The South: Culture, Literature and Globalisation

Room 4

Dennis Lee Mitchell, Professor, Faculty Researcher, Northeastern Illinois University, USA

The Dynamics of Identity and Belonging Dynamics of Identity and Belonging

Dr Ellen G. Landau, Professor, Dept. of Art History and Art, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Mexico and American Abstraction

Room 5

Prof. Frederik Crous, Associate Professor in Industrial Psychology, Department of Human Resource Management, Rand Afrikaans University South Africa

The Future of the humanities: An Appreciative Inquiry

Prof. Daniel R White, Honors College, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Multiculturalism, Cosmopolitanism, Globalism: A Nietzschean Perspective on Postcolonial Culture

Room 6

Prof. Ian Phimister, Professor of International History, Department of History, University of Sheffield ,UK, and Prof. Brian Raftopoulos

Zimbabwe: Imperialism, Authoritarianism and Democracy

Adeojo Akindele, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, St Augustine College, Banjul. The Gambia

This Globalism: Immigration Minorities

Room 7

Dr Elaine Razzano, Associate Professor, English Department, Lyndon State College, Vermont, USA, and Dr Alexandre Strokano, Associate Professor of History, Department of Social Science, History and Philosophy, Lyndon State College, USA

To Love in the Russian Way Love in the Russian Way: Russian and American Professors Teaching the Literature of Love

Dr Stephne Herselman, Senior Lecturer, School of Arts, Culture and Social Sciences, University of South Africa

Cultural Diversity and Alienation as Constraints on Employee Interaction in a Wholesale Company: An Anthropological Perspective


9:35-10:35 Workshops (60 min sessions) 1C

Room 8

Mitchell F. Rice, Director, Race and Ethnic Studies Institute, Texas A & M University, USA

Understanding Differences Between Affirmative Action, Multiculturalism, and Diversity in the United States




MORNING TEA (Morning Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 10:30-11.30)


Wednesday 2 July - GROUP 2



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 2 - Papers & Workshops


10:45-11:15 Papers (30 min sessions) 2A

11:20-11:50 Papers (30 min sessions) 2B

Room 1

Maria Nikolakaki, Lecturer, University of Thessaly, Greece

Citizenship Education in Postmodernity: Constructing the Critical Citizen

Nikos Leandros, Assistant Professor in Media Economics, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece

Towards a New Information and Communication Order: Digital Opportunities or Increased Inequalities?

Room 2

Carole Langille, Instructor, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada

How Poetry Saves us: The Relevance of Poetry in the Modern World

Dr William Haskins, Professor, Department of Speech Communication, McKendree College, USA

Free Speech Attitudes Across Cultures


Room 3

Dr David P. Crandall, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Brigham Young University, USA

What is it to be a Man? What is it to be a Woman? What is it to be Human?: Himba Voices From a Generational Divide

Penny Bernard, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Rhodes University, South Africa

Reflections on the Water, The Goddess and the Serpent in a Time of Ecological Crisis: Universal Wisdom and Healing that Transcends Time and Space

Room 4

Prof. Trang Thomas, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Disability Studies, RMIT University, Australia

Racial tolerance of young people: Age and Gender Related Differences

Dr Karen Woodman, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, University of New England, Australia

No Borders: Virtual Communities and Online Learning

Room 5

Prof. Katrin Froese, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Calgary, Canada

Beyond Metaphysics: The Limits of Philosophy in Heidegger, Nietzsche and Daoism

Terry Collits, Head of College, Chisholm College, La Trobe University, Australia

Joseph Conrad in the New World Order

Room 6

Dr Victoria Bernal, Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, University of California, Irvine, USA

Transnationalism, Diaspora, and the Eritrean Global Village

Dr Ghazi Saleh Nahar, Faculty of Science and Arts, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Democracy in The Arab World: The Case of Women Political Participation in Jordan

Room 7

Carl Pletsch, Associate Professor, History Department, University of Colorado, USA

Globalization, the Three Worlds and Other New World Orders

Richard J Smith, Professor of Humanities, Department of History, Rice University, USA

The Yijing (Classic of Changes) in Comparative Perspective: The Value of Cross-Cultural Investigations


10:45-11:45 Workshops (60 min sessions) 2C

Room 8

Prof George Chauncey, Professor of History, Department of History, University of Chicago, USA and 

Prof John Kuo Wei Tchen, A/P/A Studies, New York University, USA

Transnational Port Cultures: A useful reframing?


Wednesday 2 July - GROUP 3



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 3 - Papers & Workshops


11:55-12:25 Papers (30 min sessions) 3A

12:30-1:00 Papers (30 min sessions) 3B

Room 1

Athanassios Papageorgiou, Agroeconomist / Geographer, Technological Institute of Kalamata, Greece

Global Markets and the Conflict between Global and Local in the Configuration of the Consumer Choices


Ioannis Tsolkas, Professor of Italian Literature in the Department of Italian And Spanish Language And Literature, University of Athens, Greece

Teaching Literature In The Globalization Age


Room 2

Prof. Alan Knight, Professor of Journalism & Media Studies, Faculty of Informatics & Communication, Australia

Globalised Journalism and the Internet Age

Dr Dariusz Skorczewski, Visiting Lecturer of Polish Studies, Department of German and Slavic Studies, Rice University, USA

The Use of Web-based Technology in The Teaching of Central European Culture at Rice University

Room 3

Paul Magin, Public Programs Officer, Maitland City Art Gallery, Australia

Skin and Soul: Globalisation and the Articulation of Arnhem Land Microcultures

Dr Wendy Cowling, Senior Lecturer, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

Negotiating Liminality: Pacific Artists in New Zealand

Room 4

Dr Adrian Peever, Assistant Professor, Dept of English and Foreign Languages, Barry University, USA

Mythologies of the DarkNet: Rebellion and Collaboration in Cyberspace

Dr Ann Scholl, Asst. Professor, Philosophy and Women’s Studies, Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA

Deconstructing the Conflict between Culture and Feminism in a Global Context

Room 5

Dr Amanda Borden, Dean of Freshmen, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, USA

Christian Environmentalism: Integrating Judeo-Christian Principles, Humanities, and Environmental Service Learning into Instruction in Communication

Richard Murphy Jr, Associate Professor, Department of English, Emmanuel College, USA

The Vanishing Artist: Alienation of the Artist

Room 6





11:55-12:55 Workshops (60 min sessions) 3C

Room 7

Prof. Dexter Dunphy, Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Business, University of Technology, Sydney Australia

Corporate Sustainability: The Potential Contribution of the Humanities

Room 8

Dr Ashok Kumar Malhotra, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Distinguished Teaching, USA

Towards A One World Culture




LUNCH - WEDNESDAY (Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 12.45–2:15)


Wednesday 2 July - GROUP 4



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 4 - Papers & Workshops


1:05-1:35 Papers (30 min sessions) 4A

1:40-2:10 Papers (30 min sessions) 4B

Room 1

Dr Wendy E. Scattergood, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, St. Norbert College, USA

Environmental Security in the Next World Order

Prof. Harold P. Sjursen, Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, USA

Do Globalization and Technology Create new Ethical Questions?: The Poverty of Traditional

Room 2

Dr Eve Coxon, Senior Lecturer in Education, Department of Cultural and Policy studies in Education, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Beyond Economism: Globalisation, Development and Culture

Dr Catherine Day, Deputy Director in CEO, Catholic Education Diocese of Townsville, and Dr Suzanne McGinty, Director of Research, School of Indigenous Australian Studies, James Cook University, Australia

Teaching the Value of Diversity Against the National Discourse of the War on Terror

Room 3

Dr Shao-Pin Luo, English Department, St. Mary's University, Canada

The Language of Exile Gao Xingjian's Soul Mountain and One Man's Bible

Irina Kotkina, Graduate Student, Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute, Italy

Politics, Opera and National Identity: History of Performance and Interpretations of "Boris Godunov" in the Bolshoi Theater in the 20th century

Room 4

Dr Selina Todd, Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, UK

Young Women, Work and Family in Interwar England

Prof. Martin Kreiswirth, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of English, Dept. of English, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Narrative Theory and Disciplinarity

Room 5

Prof. James King, Department of English, McMaster University, Canada

Silence and Loss in W.G. Sebald's The Emigrants

Dr Isabel Moutinho, Lecturer, School of Historical and European Studies, La Trobe University, Australia

Globalisation Uncovered: Where Are the Hallmarks in Literature?

Room 6

Alicia G. Andreu, Professor of Spanish, Spanish Department, Middlelbury College, USA

Contemporary Latin American Narratives: One Case Study

Dr Maria Jose Martin, Assistant Professor in Music, Arts & Science Department, Newman College, USA

The Work of Musical Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction


1:05-2:05 Workshops (60 min sessions) 4C

Room 7

Dr Gloudina Maria Spies, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Work, University of Pretoria,  South Africa

Humanities teaching in Higher Education: An Enriched Experience through the Utilization of Diversity

Room 8

Albert Jacobbe, Adjunct Instructor, Humanities, Daniel Webster College, USA

Narratives of Historical Domination: Islam and the West


Wednesday 2 July - GROUP 5, OPENING & PLENARY ONE





Papers (30 min sessions)

Room 1

Dr Christos Doukas, General Secretary for Adult Education, Adult Education-Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Athens, Greece

Interrelation between Global and Local: Processes in Educational Policies

Room 2

Martine Guyot-Bender, Associate Professor of French, Department of French, Hamilton College, USA

The Internet, Foreign Languages and the Humanities

Room 3

Dr Robert Bieder, Visiting Professor of History, Department of History and the School of Public Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, USA

Giving Meaning to Nature in an Age of Globalization

Room 4

Catherine Dwyer, Texas, USA

Selected Sojourns of Africans and African Americans in North America, and Selected Resultant Cross Cultural Exchanges

Room 5

Dr Sophia Xenos, Lecturer, and Prof. Trang Thomas, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Disability Studies, RMIT University, Australia

The Mental Health of Displaced Children

Room 6

Prof. Izak J van der Merwe, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Role of the Humanities in a changing South African Higher Education Environment

Room 7

Maire Jaanus, Professor of English, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA

The Concept of Jouissance in Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Its Past and Future Position and Significance in the Humanities

Room 8

Unaisi Nabobo, PhD student, Cultural and Policy Studies in Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Between Worlds: Indigenous Fijians, Identity and Ethnonationalism









Multimedia presentation: "Dodecanese in time and space".

A production by Nikos Kasseris' Art Group

Born in 1951 at Dimylia of Rhodes, Nikos Kasseris studied Economics, while at the same time developing the interest of an amateur in photography as early as 1970. In 1980 he became a professional photographer, based in Rhodes. He is a member of the Arts and Letters Centre of the Dodecanese. In 1995, he presented a multivision show in the medieval town of Rhodes, in the historic residence of the Castellan, on the theme of the Dodecanese, a cultural event which continues today. Nikos Kasseris received an award in 1996 from the Athens Academy for his photography.





·       Tariq Ali, writer and film-maker



Performance by Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico ( Mediterranean Songs)

National Theatre in the center of the Town

(The theater is offered by the Municipal Regional Theater of Rhodes)

Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico

Based on traditional material – mainly from the Mediterranean Area – Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico offer an open sound without borders or labels, from simple songs extending to contemporary music forms.

A leading interpreter of baroque, renaissance and early musics, Savina Yannatou is one of the most respected singers in Greek music. She is known not only of her mastery of older, formal repertoire but also for her experience in avant-garde jazz. Since 1983, she has been a member of the Early Music Workshop of Athens, performing at festivals across Greece as well as further afield. 




Phone: +61 2 9519 0303  Fax: +61 9519 2203

Email: info@commongroundconferences.com




Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003





Secretariat open from 8:00am





·       Prof. Dr Giorgos Tsiakalos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and President, Nicos Poulantzas Society, Greece

·       Prof. Mary Kalantzis, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University, Australia



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 6 - Papers & Workshops


9:35-10:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 6A

10:10-10:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 6B

Room 1

Tasoula Vervenioti, Education- History, Athens Second Chance School, Greece

Globaliazation And History In The Secondary Education


Diamanti Anagnostopoulou, Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean, Greece

Aspects of Identity and Alterity: Images of the other in the Contemporary Greek Novel


Room 2

Assoc Prof. Elizabeth M. Grierson, New Zealand

Transitions, Translations & Transformations: Communicative Relationships in the Creative Arts as a Force for Cultural and Economic Sustainability of the Local in a Global Context

Prof. Robert Thurston, Professor of History, Department of History, Miami University, USA

Coffee Culture and Images of the East: The Development of Western Taste

Room 3

Prof. Anna Kindler, Dean, School of Creative Arts, Sciences and Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong and Prof David Pariser, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Canada

Blindfolded Visions: The Creeping Hegemony of Avant Garde Aesthetics

Prof. Neil Fraistat, English Department, University of Maryland, USA

Critical Gaming, Virtual Worlds, and Future Humanities

Room 4

Julian Kunnie, Director and Professor, University of Arizona, USA

Colonization By Globalization: Struggles Against a Heartless World

Dr Linda Materna, Professor of Spanish, Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literatures, Rider University, USA, and Dr Barry Seldes, Professor, Political Science, Rider University, USA

Globalization and Its Discontents: Immigration and Identity in Contemporary Spanish Film

Room 5

Dr Antonio Menendez Alarcon, Chair Department of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Butler University, USA

Culture and Representation in the Process of European Integration

Dr Geoff Lummis, Lecturer, Department of Education, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Bali: Sensing the Nothingness

Room 6

John Penwill, Senior Lecturer in Humanities, Department of Arts, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

Teaching Epicurus Today

Dr Daniel Brooks, Professor, Humanities Program, Aquinas College, USA

Evacuating the Western Center: A Global Context for Teaching Interdisciplinary Humanities

Room 7

Dr Nado Aveling, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Murdoch University, Australia

"Whiteness" as Historical, Social and Political Artefact: Two Case Studies

Yong-Kang Wei, Department of English, Iowa State University, USA

Imprisoned Humanity: The Panopticon, Media and Chinese Face

Room 8

Dr Christopher Bakken, Allegheny College, USA

Rage for Order: How Poetry Confronts Disaster

Dr Stelio Cro, Professor of Spanish, Department of Languages , King College, USA

Globalization‚ as Overlapping Utopias: The Latin American Perspective


9:35-10:35 Workshops (60 min sessions) 6C

Room 9

Dr Eugenia Arvanitis, Manager-Lecturer in language Studies, Australian-Greek Resource and Learning Centre, RMIT University and Julian Silverman, Coordinator Community Service Diploma Programs, Department Social and Community Services, RMIT University Australia

Hellenic Traditions and the Greek Diaspora: Developing an Innovative Learning Tour

Room 10

Prof. Timothy Engstrom, Department of Philosophy, Prof. Lisa Hermsen, Assistant Professor, Department of Language and Literature, Dr Jessica Lieberman, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Dr Sandra Saari, Dept. of Language and Literature, and Prof. Amit Ray, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

The Challenge of Visual Technologies to Traditional Humanistic Conceptions of Knowledge: A Case Study from within an American Technical University


Thursday 3 July - GROUP 7





PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 7 - Papers & Workshops


11:00-11:30 Papers (30 min sessions) 7A

11:35-12:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 7B

Room 1

Zeynep Turan, Graduate Center The City University of New York, USA

The Meaning of Transitional Objects in Forced Migration

Joe Perry, Lecturer, Wollotuka School of Aboriginal Studies, Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle, Australia

A Sense of Belonging: Seeking Aboriginal Identity

Room 2

Xiaohui Pan, Department of English and Mass Communication, City University of Hong Kong

Globality, Media Dependency and Media Mainstreaming

Dr Eugenia Arvanitis, Manager-Lecturer in language Studies, Australian-Greek Resource and Learning Centre, RMIT University, Australia

Community Building Education in a Globalising Context: The Paradigm of Greek Ethnic Schools in Australia

Room 3

Dr Samba Diop, Assistant Professor, Harvard University, USA

Creative Writing and Oral Literature as a Remedy to Ethnic Conflict in Postcolonial Africa

Dr Jane Lasarenko, Assistant Professor, English Department, Slippery Rock University, USA

(Dis)Connecting the Dots: The Rhetoric of Ellipses

Room 4

Dr Eva K W Man, Head of Humanities, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

A Confucian Reflection on the Future Prospects of Humanities Education: A Contemporary Re-reading of Confucian's "Great Learning"

Dr Max Hope, Senior Lecturer in Geography and Social Science, Chester College of Higher Education, UK

Being Present in a Community of Others: John Macmurray, Place and the Humanities

Room 5

Tangea Tansley, Postgraduate Research Student, Division of Social Sciences, Humanities & Education, Murdoch University, Australia

Rootlessness and its Emergence in Late Twentieth-Century Literature: Narrative as Panacea

Dr Miki Flockemann, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

'My Name is Sorrow': Traumas and Transformations in Recent Fictions and Performances from South Africa

Room 6

Prof. Gerhard S. Labuschagne, Professor in International Politics, Department of Political Sciences and Philosophy, University of South Africa

Age of Globalization: what Kind of Peace – What Kind of War’s

Dr Valentina Glajar, Assistant Professor of German , Department of Modern Languages, Southwest Texas State University USA

Historical Hurdles on the Way to the European Union: The Sudeten German-Czech Conflict in Contemporary Literary and Historical Narratives


11:00-12:00 Workshops (60 min sessions) 7C

Room 7

Dr John Moore, Professor, Department of History, California State Polytechnic University, Dr Jerry Pubantz, Professor of Political Science, Department of History and Political Science, Salem College, Simon Duke, and May-Britt Stumbaum, USA

Democratizing International Organization in the New World Order: Kant’s Perpetual Peace and Hume’s Demur in the 21st Century

Room 8

Alan B. Howard, Daniels Family Teaching Professor, American Studies Programs, The University of Virginia, USA

New Paradigms for Research and Teaching in Humanities Computing: Four Case Studies


Thursday 3 July - GROUP 8



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 8 - Papers & Workshops


12:10-12:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 8A

12:45-1:15 Papers (30 min sessions) 8B

Room 1

Theodoros Koutsobinas, Economist, Department of Statistics of Samos, University of the Aegean

The Design of New Policies in the Global Economy and Society: The Case of Star Markets and the Potential for Cultural Change


Grigoris Ananiadis, Assistant Professor in Social and Political Theory, Department of Social Anthropology & History, University of the Aegean, Greece

Value-laden Wars, War-laden Values

Room 2

Melissa Milton-Smith, St Andrew's College, University of Sydney,  Australia

Creative Resistance: Digital Art and the Critique of Globalization

Dr Anne Bamford, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Redefining Adolescent Notions of Gender through Interactive Media and the Arts

Room 3

Dr Sunita Peacock, Assistant Professor of English, Slippery Rock University, USA

A Search for An Authentic Discourse for the Muslim/Arab Woman

Dr Ann M. Moore, Assistant Professor and Director of International Programs, Department of Modern Foreign Languages, Hampton University, USA

Reenacting the Renaissance in Search of the Future: Towards an Assignment-based Curriculum for the 21st Century Multicultural Humanities Class

Room 4

Alyth F Grant, Senior Lecturer in German, School of Language, Literature & Performing Arts, University of Otago, New Zealand

Bridging Cultural Divides: Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s "Die Brücke vom Goldenen Horn"

Dr Seth Mallios, Professor, Department of Anthropology, San Diego State University, USA

Homo Regalos: A Call for Applied Gift Exchange in a Time of Global Commodification, Symbolic Violence, and Bloodshed

Room 5

Prof. John Stephens, Department of English, Division of Humanities, Macquarie University, Australia

Children's Literature, New World Orders, and Utopian Rhetoric

Prof Malcolm Hayward, English Department, IUP, USA

Globalization, Cultural Diversity, and Intellectual Property

Room 6

Kazuki Takada, East Asian Studies, The University of Edinburgh, UK

The Meaning of Greece in the Relationship between Yukio Mishima and Oscar Wilde

Prof. Michael Clarke, Department of Public Administration, California State University, USA

Resurgent US Nationalism and Globalization

Room 7

Dr Gabriele Eckart, Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages, Southeast Missouri State University ,USA

Fear of the Future in Contemporary German and Austrian Gothic Subcultures

Sonita Sarker, Associate Professor and Chair, Women's and Gender Studies/English, Macalester College, USA

‘Minority’ Literatures and the Ethics of Multiculturalism in the late 20th century


12:10-1:10 Workshops (60 min sessions) 8C

Room 8

Mark Wagner, Visiting Assistant Professor, Nichols College, USA

Zoo World Order: Rock and Roll as Humanities

Room 9

Dr Kerry Neville Bakken, Department of English, Allegheny College, USA

Place Matters: Cultivating Commitments to Local Soil and Local Memory




LUNCH - THURSDAY (Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30)


Thursday 3 July - GROUP 9



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 9 - Papers & Workshops


1:20-1:50 Papers (30 min sessions) 9A

1:55-2:25 Papers (30 min sessions) 9B

Room 1

Prof. Sylvia P. Rogers, Professor of English Literature, School of Humanities, Notre Dame de Namur University, USA

Literature, Art, and Music in the Age of Chaucer: An Interdisciplinary Online Course in the Humanities

Dr A. Aneesh, Lecturer, STS, Stanford University, USA

Self as Other: Worlds of Programmers

Room 2

Prof. Patricia A. Moody, Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University, USA

Literature and its ‘Other’: Teaching Humanities and Post-Modern Popular Culture

Prof Keith Reader, Professor of Modern French Studies, Department of French, University of Glasgow,  UK

Policing of Desire: The Gabrielle Russier Affair

Room 3

Dr Joseph Tharamangalam, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada

The Sociology of religion and Religious Faith: A Personal and Biographical Exploration

Prof. Colin Richards, Wits School of Arts

Faculty of Humanities , University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Visions of Violence and Humanism in Contemporary South African Art

Room 4

Prof Maysa Hayward, English Department, Slippery Rock University,  USA

Teaching World Literature: The Challenges of Geography

Sung-Ae Lee, Department of English, Division of Humanities, Macquarie University, Australia

Separateness with Communication: George Eliot's Anticipation of Globalisation

Room 5

Dr Angela O'Brien-Malone, Lecturer, School of Psychology, Murdoch University, Australia

An Introduction to Alien Studies: How Do We Do Human in Psychology?: A Question of Model, Method and Analysis

Dr Arthur B. Sacks, Division Director and Professor, Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies, Colorado School of Mines, USA

The Humanities and Sustainability: Educational Strategies for the Liberal Arts and Technological Education

Room 6

Christo Moskovsky, School of Language & Media, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Bilingual Knowledge And Cognitive Ability

Dr Pingchao Zhu, Assistant Professor of History, History Department, University of Idaho, USA

Pacific Rim: What it Means to the Globalism?

Room 7

Tekle M. Woldemikael, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Redlands, USA

Eritrea’s Identity as Cultural Crossroads

Prof. Theodora O. Ayot, Associate Professor, Department of History, North Park University, USA

The Quest For New Directions In Humanities In Africa: Ethnic Conflicts And Human Rights Violation In Africa

Room 8

Dr Rosalyn Baxandall, Chair of American Studies, State University at Old Westbury, and Dr Linda Gordon, USA

Feminism and the Left: An Historical Relationship Misunderstood

Dr Dan Wylie, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Rhodes University, South Africa

Ec(o)centrism: Poetry and Ecology in South Africa's Eastern Cape


1:20-2:20 Workshops (60 min sessions) 9C

Room 9

Dr Lynn Elen Burton, Department of Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Applied Foresight: Exploring Interest in the Creation of a Network of Humanities Scholars to Set a Trans-disciplinary Research Agenda to Address the Critical Issues Relative to Emerging S&T Innovations


Thursday 3 July - GROUP 10, PLENARIES 3 & 4





Papers (30 min sessions)

Room 1

Dr Mario Poceski, Assistant Professor, Religion Department, University of Florida, USA

Religious Pluralism in Traditional China: Historical Models in a Contemporary Perspective

Room 2

Ya-Hsuan Wang, PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, UK

Ethnic Diversity, Globalisation, Education The Stripping of Ethnicity by Globalisation and Its New Pedagogy: Death or Renascence?

Room 3

Sharon McCarthy, Graduate Liberal Studies Program, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Creating Sustainable Urban Communities

Room 4

Bob Cottrell, Professor of History & American Studies, Department of History and American Studies Program, California State University, Chico, USA

The Dilemma of Human Rights: A World Dimension

Room 5

Sanjay Asthana, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota, USA

Visual Hegemonies National-Global Dialectic In Print Advertisements In Postcolonial India

Room 6

Rob Gaylard, Lecturer, English Department, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

'Welcome to the World of our Humanity': 'Affirmations of Humanness in the work of Selected Black South African Writers'

Room 7

Prof Thomas Falkner, Vice President, Academic Affairs , College of Wooster USA

Classics On Broadway 2002: Ancient Tales and Post/Modern Meanings

Room 8

Prof. Willie van der Merwe, Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Multiculturalism and the Humanities

Room 9

Helene Sinnreich, Lecturer, University of Lodz, Poland

The Plague of Plagiarism: The Challenge of Teaching Humanities in an Electronic Age



GARDEN CONVERSATION - Location & Speakers to be posted at the Conference







6:30pm -7:00pm

Performance by the Aegean University Theatrical Group


The "Anna Xanthaki" theatrical group of the School of Humanities Studies of the University of the Aegean will present an adaptation - by Fay Reizidou - of Uberto Eco's tale "The three astronauts". Dora Goutziamani is directing the group.

7:00pm -8:00pm




·       Professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University, New York, USA

8:00pm -9:00pm




·       Dr Nikos Papastergiadis. Deputy Director, The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia

·       Prof. Paul James, Director of Globalism Institute, RMIT University Australia




Phone: +61 2 9519 0303  Fax: +61 9519 2203

Email: info@commongroundconferences.com




Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003







PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 11 - Papers & Workshops


8:25-8:55 Papers (30 min sessions) 11A

9:00-9:30 Papers (30 min sessions) 11B

Room 1

Alexandros Dagkas, Historian, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greecee

Old Blunders, New Aberrations: The Marxists Versus Nationalism and Racism

Marianthi Georgalidou, Linguist, Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, Greece

Living with the "Other": The Discourse of the Greeks and the Greek-Muslims of Rhodes in the Local Press


Room 2

Dr Robert Cribb, Senior Fellow, Pacific and Asian History, RSPAS, Australian National University, Australia
Dynamics of Land and Identity in Pacific Asia: Reflections on Indigenous Identity

Dr Li Narangoa, Senior Lecturer, Japan Centre, Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University, Australia

Dynamics of Land and Identity in Pacific Asia: Reflections on Attachment to Land

Room 3

Nancy de Freitas, Senior Lecturer, School of Art and Design, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Between Hope and Desire: The Location of Home

David Nolan, Lecturer, Media and Communications Program, University of Melbourne, Australia

Howardism, media Governmentality and the Hanson Effect

Room 4

Amanda Johnson, Lecturer in Creative Writing, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Cultural Exchange in a Global Era –Rhetorical Ambition or (im)possible Post-colonial Dream?: A Critique of Cultural Diplomacy and Exchange in the Global Era – with a Focus on Australian Cultural Relations with Indonesia

Dr Evie Plaice, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Brunswick,  Canada

Anthropology and the Politics of Difference in Canada and South Africa

Room 5

Dr Christina Kakava, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, Linguistics, and Speech, Mary Washington College, USA

Bicultural Identities in Contest: The Struggle of ‘we’ and ‘other’ from within

Katharine B. Free, Professor of Theatre Arts, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Loyola Marymount University, USA

Bellissima Causa Belli: Helen of Troy as the Wellspring of Violence in Greek and Roman Tradition

Room 6

Dr Nghana tamu Lewis, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Louisiana State University, USA

All I Really Want, is Sweet Love, is to be Happy in my Brown Skin: Black Female Sexuality in Contemporary Rhythm and Blues

Hilary Morris, Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, The Open University, Greece

Thou hast conquered, O pale Galilean: Images of 'Christian' Intolerance in the Late Victorian Novel

Room 7

Dr Yiping Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong

Tourism Impacts and the Chinese Local Communities

Dr Frank Louis Rusciano, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, Rider University, USA

Bring Me Back the Berlin Wall: Globalization and the Roots of Rage in the Aftermath of the Cold War


8:30-9:30 Workshops (60 min sessions) 11C

Room 8

Prof. Maria DiBattista, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Princeton University,

Barry McCrea, Ireland and Caitriona Ni Dhubhghaill, Department of Germanic Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Joyce and the Politics of World Literature


Friday 4 July - GROUP 12 & PLENARY FIVE



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 12 - Papers & Workshops


9:35-10:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 12A

10:10-10:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 12B

Room 1

Eleni Karantzola, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Department of Mediterranean Studies, and Stella Priovolou, Professor of Classics, University of Athens, Special Secretary of the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs

Questions of “Otherness”: The Role of Higher Education in Greece


Room 2

Prof. Gregory R. Guy, Professor of Linguistics, Linguistics Department, New York University, and Karen V. Beaman, Vice President, Global Services, ADP,  USA

Global Orientation and Sociolinguistic Accommodation as Factors in Cultural Assimilation

Dr Lionel Lemarchand, School of Modern Languages, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

The Effects of War on Society: French Social Consciousness Through WWI Censored Letters

Room 3

Coralie Joyce, Lecturer in Music Production, Department of Contemporary Music Studies, Humanities Division, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

A Cultural Revolution: An Analysis of the Gaelic Cultural Revival Pre Scottish Devolution

Dr. Christiane Paponnet-Cantat, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Eco-tourism as Sustainable Development: Las Terrazas in Cuba

Room 4

Andrea S. Bubenik, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Art, Queen's University, Canada

Reconsidering Aby Warburg: Image, Text and the Spaces In Between

Kirsten Lovelock, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Otago, New Zealand

Intercountry Adoption: Other Narrative Truths

Room 5

Dr OlgaVelikanova, Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

Russia Application of the Theory of Myth to the History of Soviet Russia: Interdisciplinarial Approach

Dr Koumari Mitra, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Brunswick, USA

Women, Poverty and HIV Transmission in India

Room 6

Gurminder K. Bhambra, PhD student, Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex, UK

Modernity, Postcolonial Theory and Eurocentrism

Shu-Huei Henrickson, Assistant Professor, Division of Composition & Literature, Rock Valley College, USA

"Forbidden Fruit Is Sweeter": The Shanghai Baby Scandal


9:35-10:35 Workshops (60 min sessions) 12C

Room 7

Lindsay Broughton, Senior Lecturer in Drawing, Tasmanian School of Art, and Jane Quon, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Environmental Studies University of Tasmania, Australia

The Humanities and Ecology: Art and the Communication of Marine Ecological Issues

Room 8

Allen Chun, Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, China

Disciplinary Divide: Is There a Bottom Line in Cultural Studies?







·       Professor Juliet Mitchell, Head of Department, Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Friday 4 July - GROUP 13



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 13 - Papers & Workshops


12:05-12:35 Papers (30 min sessions) 13A

12:40-1:10 Papers (30 min sessions) 13B

Room 1

Christos Govaris, Lecturer, University of the Aegean, Greece, Elena Theodoropoulou, Persa Fokiali, Yiota Xanthakou, Lecturers, University of the Aegean

Intercultural Education: Constructing Relationships of Recognition in the Multi-Cultural School Context


Petros Siousiouras, Lecturer, and  Ioannis Seimenis, Associate Professor, Chairman of the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, Greece

Political and Legal Dimensions of the Humanitarian Intervention


Room 2

Ellen-Jane Browne, Executive Manager, Faculty of Education Language and Community Services, RMIT University, Australia

Global Interactions - The Antarctic Experience

Prof. Pieter du Toit, Head, Quality Assurance Unit, University of Pretoria ,South Africa

Towards Commercialization of Higher Education: Globalization, Quality Assurance, and Innovation

Room 3

Alison Reynolds, Principal Lecturer in Technical Communication, Faculty of Humanities, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand


Room 4

Dr Helen Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, School of Social Science, University of Queensland, Australia

Globalisation and Mixed Heritage in Pacific New Caledonia

Dr Ann Sullivan, Maori Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Dr Dimitri Margaritis Dept of Economics, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Ethnic Diversity in a Global Economy: A Case-Study of Maori Self-determination

Room 5

Dr Grazyna Zajdow, Senior Lecturer, School of Social and International Studies, Deakin University, Australia

The Illicit Drug User and Technologies of the Self

Dr Christine Prentice, Senior Lecturer, Department of English University of Otago, New Zealand

Indigenous Art on the Global Market:: The Maori Cultural Trademark and the Need for a Critical Analysis of ‘Difference’

Room 6

Dr Andrea Lesic-Thomas, Lecturer, School of Modern Languages, Queen Mary, University of London

Literature and Intercultural Dialogue: Why One Should Learn to Read

Prof. Jenny Anger, Associate Professor, Department of Art, Grinnell College, USA

Post- (Modern) and Postmodern

Room 7

Dr Carol Wayne White, Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy of Religion and Chair, Dept of Religion, and Dr Saundra Morris, Assoc. Prof. of English, and Senior Fellow, Social Justice College, Bucknell University, USA

Postmodern Religion in the New World Order: An Ethics of Relationality in Contemporary Models of Religious Naturalism

Alena Govorounova, PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Japan

A Radical Theological Critique of Humanism

Room 8

Anastasia Pamouktsoglou Cancellor of the Pedagogic Institute,  and Xenia Stathatou, Lecturer of Special Education Needs, University of Thessalia, Greece

Towards the Development of Intercultural and Cross-Curricular teaching Methods in the Literature Subject

Eleni Hodolidou, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

The Multi–Literacies Challenge in the Field of Adult Education: The Case of the Greek Second Chance


12:05-1:05 Workshops (60 min sessions) 13C

Room 9

Dr Zoe Petropoulou, Associate Professor, Dept of Languages & Literature, St John's University, and Prof Annalisa Sacca, Assoc Professor of Italian, Department of Languages & Literatures, St John's University, USA

European Cultural Studies in a US Community and in a Globalised Economy: European Cultural Issues that pose a Challenge to the American Society and the Global Subject


GARDEN CONVERSATION - Location & Speakers to be posted at the Conference




LUNCH - FRIDAY (Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30 )


Friday 4 July - GROUP 14



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 14 - Papers & Workshops


2:00-2:30 Papers (30 min sessions) 14A

2:35-3:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 14B

Room 1

Eleni Skourtou, Assistant Professor, and Vasilia Kourtis-Kazoulis, Applied Linguist, University of the Aegean, Greece

The Step from Traditional Pedagogy to Transformative

Prof. Victor Silverman, Associate Professor, Department of History, Pomona College, USA

Sustainable Alliances: The Ideology of Union Environmentalism

Room 2

Dr Sonia C Tidemann, Associate Professor, School of Health and Sciences, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Australia

Interaction between Australian Aborigines and Indonesian Makassans: Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Stories

Dr Thomas I. Ellis, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Hampton University, USA

From Glomart to Gaia: A New Cultural Paradigm for a Finite World

Room 3

Sarah Nicholson, Postgraduate researcher, School of Social Ecology & Lifelong Learning, University of Western Sydney, Australia

"...she opened her ear to the great below...": Living Feminist Mythology in the Footsteps of Inanna

Scott Poynting, School of Humanities, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Dog-whistle Journalism and Anti-Muslim Racism in Australia Since 2001

Room 4

Kyriaki Tsoukala, Architect PhD, Associate Professor ,and  Maria Daniil, Dipl. Architect M Arch, Aristotle, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Metapolis: The Destiny of the City During The Globalization Age

Prof. Mimi Yang, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Chinese, Carthage College, USA

From Greek Myth of Minotaur to Hybrid Postmodern Identities

Room 5

Prof Jacques Delacroix, Director, International Business Program, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, USA

Collective Identity Markers in an Immigrant-Descended Ethnic Group: A Field Study of California Mexican-Americans

Annette M. Jordaan, Lecturer, Department of Afrikaans, University of Pretoria, South Africa

The Myths We Live by (Acknowledgement to Samuel & Thompson): Where the Greeks and Space Men Meet…

Room 6

Dr George R. Garrison, Professor, Pan African Studies, Kent State University, USA

The Indispensability of the Humanities In the Age of Globalization and Cosmopolitanism

Dr Margaret A. Brabant, Professor, Center for Citizenship and Community, Department of Political Science, Butler University, USA

"A Small Opening" Using Service Learning in the Service of the Humanities and Humanity

Room 7

Prof Keiko Nakano, Lecturer in Japanese, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, John Carroll University, USA

The Nomadic Writers in Japan and U.S.: Language, Identity, and Home

Irina Mitina, Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

The Phenomenon of Inequality in the Context of Decline of Metanarrations


2:00-3:00 Workshops (60 min sessions) 14C

Room 8

Dr Sandra Bird, Acting Chair Visual Arts ,  Dr Carol Edwards, Asst Dean. S. O. T.A , Valerie A. Dibble, Asst. Prof. of Art and Dr Rick Garner, School of the Arts, Kennesaw State University, USA

Developing Interdisciplinary Teaching: Ties That Bind


Friday 4 July - GROUP 15



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 15 - Papers & Workshops


3:10-3:40 (30 min sessions) 15A

3:45-4:15 (30 min sessions) 15B

Room 1

Nikos Poulantzos Society Workshop


Demetra Kogidou, Assoc. Professor of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

The "Abaton" of Mount Athos: A Form of Racism or a Religious Trait?

Room 2

Othon Alexandrakis, MA candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Roma Health and Identity: Exploring Violence and Belonging

Dr Shanta Nair-Venugopal, Associate Professor, School of Language Studies and Linguistics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Approximations of Social Reality as Interpretations of Culture in Intercultural Communication: Extending a framework of Analysis

Room 3

Prof. Alsoudi A. Mahdi, Sociology Department, Jordan University, Jordan

Islam, Democracy and the State in the Arab World: A Socio-political Perspective

Dr Margaret Nicholls, Chairperson, Department of Professional Studies in Education, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Te Whariki: Intergenerational Survival Strategies

Room 4

Dr George S. Rigakos, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Carleton University, Canada

Risk and the Commodification of Security

Dr Valia Spiliotopoulos, Lecturer, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

ESL Academic Writing On-line: Using Multiliterate Approaches for Writing Improvement and Sociocultural Development

Room 5

Prof. Tessa. Morris-Suzuki, Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Australian National University, Australia

Exploding the Public Sphere: Democracy and Communication in a Changing World Order

Dr Francis Adu-Febiri, Department Chair, Social Sciences Department, Camosun College, Canada

Facilitating Cultural Diversity In A Monolithic Global Economy: The Role of Human Factor Education

Room 6

Oydin Uzakova, Graduate Student, Department of English, University of Tulsa, USA

The Reception History of John Milton in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Chi-kim Cheung, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Media Education in Hong Kong: From Civic Education to Curriculum Reform

Room 7

Dr Jeffrey Smith, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Counsellor Education, Creighton University, USA

Subdue and Dominion Counterfeits: The Principle Causes of War

Prof. Robert L. Lewis, Scholar in Residence, Cuyahoga Community College, USA

The Humanities as an Instrumentality for the Achievement of Justice


3:10-4:10 Workshops (60 min sessions) 15C

Room 8

Prof. Michael Neocosmos, Professor of Sociology, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Militarism or Emancipation?: Rethinking the Culture of Opposition Politics in Africa Today




AFTERNOON TEA (Afternoon Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 3:30-4:30)


Friday 4 July - GROUP 16



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 16 - Papers & Workshops


4:20-4:50 Papers (30 min sessions) 16A

4:55-5:25 Papers (30 min sessions) 16B

Room 1

Barbara Craig, Lecturer, School of Education, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Cultural Identity and the Internet: Exploring Culturally Appropriate Content on the Internet with Maori and Pacific Families in New Zealand

Dr Kate Cregan, Research Fellow, Globalism Institute, RMIT University, Australia

Biotechnology Across the Borders of Life

Room 2

Tom Pollard, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, National University San Jose, CA, USA

The Good War: Hollywood's Sanitized Warfare

Dr Page Laws, Director, Honors Program, Norfolk State University, USA

White Orpheus? Expiation and the Post-apartheid Imagination

Room 3

Dr Selva J. Raj, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Religious Studies, and

Dr Bindu Madhok, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Albion College, USA

Selective Appropriations in Environmental Scholarship: Problems and Possibilities

Jacobus C Kok, Professor of Education, Dept of Educational Services, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa

Human-beings - Their Beliefs and the Humanities: A Change of Orientation

Room 4

Dr. Margaret A. Miller, Professor, Department of leadership, Foundations, and Policy, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, USA

The Meaning of the Baccalaureate

David Harding, Associate Professor, Department of English, Aarhus University, Denmark

Indigenous Rights in North America: International Law and the Cree of Northern Quebec and the Navajo of the Southwestern United States

Room 5

Dr Paul Kauffman, Adjunct Associate Professor,  Advisor, ATSIC , Australian Centre for Regional and Local Government Studies , University of Canberra Australia

Indigenous peoples in a New World Order: The present and future life of indigenous peoples of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.A.

Dr Roberta Fiske-Rusciano, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Rider University, USA

Young Women Refugees in the United States: Hope Against Hope

Room 6

Evangelos Intzidis, Educational Linguist, Associate in General Secretariat for Adult Education, Greecee

Coalition Forces And Poetic Alliances: Discourses, Identities, Realities

Dr. Annette Falahey, Lecturer, Sociology and Social Policy, The University of Sydney, Australia

Drinking Locally Acting Globally


4:20-5:20 Workshops (60 min sessions) 16C

Room 7

Dr Linda M. Edington, Director and Assistant Professor, Institute for Leadership and Professional Development, University of Indianapolis, and Roberta Talmage, School of Manufacturing & Quality, Eli Lilly and Company, USA

The Cultural Context of Leadership

Room 8

Jane Lily, Assistant Professor, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, and James Rhodes, USA

Soundscapes of Archetypal Space: The Elements of Belonging




Melathron Restaurant, Medieval City

(see secretariat for bookings)


"Fotis Melathron is the most impressive restaurant of the island and is situated in the Old Town in an ancient two floor building with a multi-leveled stone made courtyard.


It is a special place because of its history: The Turkish Sultan Süleyman succeeded his father as sultan in September 1520 and began his reign with campaigns against the Christian powers in central Europe and the Mediterranean. Rhodes fell to him, long under the rule of the Knights of St. John, in 1522. The restaurant used to be the residence of the Sultan during his stay in Rhodes."




Phone: +61 2 9519 0303  Fax: +61 9519 2203

Email: info@commongroundconferences.com




Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003







PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 17 - Papers & Workshops


9:00-9:30 Papers (30 min sessions) 17A

9:35-10:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 17B

Room 1

Davis Schneiderman, Assistant Professor of English, Department of English, Lake Forest College USA

We’re all on the same BANG: Junk Globalization and the Image of Resistance

Dr Ionas Sapountzis, Associate Professor, School Psychology Program, Long Island University, USA

"Subjective Experiences and Poetic Moments in the Therapeutic Encounter"

Room 2

Michael Douglas, Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University, Australia

Imagining Transports of Sustainability

Prof. Bill Marshall, Head of Department, French Department, University of Glasgow, UK

Reconceptualising the Francophone World: Bodies of Water and Minor Cultures

Room 3

Patricia Riak, School of Sociology, Politics and Anthropology, La Trobe University, Australia

Revealing the Couple: Concealing and Revealing in the Sousta Dance on Rhodes

Paul Munn, Professor of English, English Department, Saginaw Valley State University, USA

The English Hikmet

Room 4

Dr Zoe Petropoulou, Associate Professor, Dept of Languages & Literature, St John's University,  USA

Isabelle de Charrière Narratives: Death of Woman’s Desire and Quest for a Voice in an "International" Society Colonized by French Language and Ideals

Dr Dennis Hickey, Department of History and Anthropology, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA

Al-Qaeda as Archetype: The Changing Face of Monotheism in the 21st Century

Room 5

Dr Niall Lucy, Head of School, School of Arts, Murdoch University, Australia

The Persistence of Realism

Dr Mary E. McGann, Department of English, University of Indianapolis, USA

Negotiating Borders and Identity in two Latina American Novels: Sandra Cisneros and Stella Pope Duarte

Room 6

Dimitri Constant, Ph. D. Student, Department of Philosophy, Boston University, USA

The Case for Censorship in Book III of Plato's Republic: An Examination with Application to the Age of Globalization

Prof. Alan Weinberg, Lecturer in English, Department of English, University of South Africa

Decentring Religion: The South African Way


9:00-10:00 Workshops (60 min sessions) 17C

Room 7

Prof Annalisa Sacca, , Assoc Professor of Italian, Department of Languages & Literatures , St John's University,

Dr Carla Lucente, and Daniela De Pau, Visiting Assistant Professor, USA

Un-globalizing the Spirit: Re-claiming Dialects and Regional Culture in Contemporary Italy

Room 8

Prof Bruce Wilson, Professor of English and Comparative Literature/ Director, Asian Studies Program, Division of Arts and Letters, St. Mary's College of Maryland, USA

Ikebana: Saying It with Flowers


Saturday 5 July - GROUP 18



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 18 - Papers & Workshops


10:10-10:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 18A

10:45-11:15 Papers (30 min sessions) 18B

Room 1

Maria Ntoropoulou, Master,  M.A. Candidate for Ph.D., University of Athens

Children in a "War Literature": Heroic or Peaceful Attitude ?



Nikolaos Stogios, PhD in Bilingualism and Multicultural Education, University of the Aegean, Rhodes

Learning Through the Negotiation of Language, Cultural Identity and Knowledge: The Example of Bilingual Pupils in Rhodes

Room 2

Dr Cheryl Toman, Department of Modern Languages, Millikin University, USA

African Women Eliminating Borders

Dr Andrew P. Vassar, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and English, Northeastern State University, USA

General Multicultural Humanities: A Fresh Approach to an Old-Fashioned Course

Room 3

Dr William Hoar, Professor, Northern State University, USA

Art, Religions, and Values: One Example of a State School's Attempt to infuse the Curriculum with a little more Morality and a little less Pragmatism

Assoc Prof Peter Kell, Head of Department, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University, Australia

Australia, Greece and the Olympics: The Olympic Rings and Nationalism in the Antipodes

Room 4

Jenny Allen, Senior Lecturer , School of Education, Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle Australia

The Legacy of Technical Rationality: Critical Reflection and the Everyday World of Teachers

Dr George Heffernan, Philosophy Department, Merrimack College, USA

On the Use and Abuse of Philosophy for Life: Exploiting the Pedagogical Potential of the Protreptic

Room 5

Dr Maria Magoula Adamos, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Department of Literature and Philosophy, Georgia Southern University, USA

Do We Still Need Philosophy?

Prof. Donald Morton, Department of English, Syracuse University, USA

An Inquiry into the New ‘Cosmopolitan Citizen’ for the ‘Next World Order’

Room 6

Dr Paul W. Harris, Professor, Department of History, Minnesota State University Moorhead, USA

After the Missionaries: Cultural Responses to Globalization

Dr Stephen M. Hecox, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, New Mexico Highlands University, USA

Rhetoric, the 'Average Person,' and the Revision of the American Vision

Room 7

 Ruxandra-Iulia Stoica, PhD student, Department of Architecture, The University of Edinburgh, UK

The Paradigmatic City

Dr Yi Yan Wang, Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Department of Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney, Australia

Rules of Art and Cultural Citizenship: On Multicultural Aesthetics


10:10-11:10 Workshops (60 min sessions) 18C

Room 8

Prof. Richard Landes, Director of the Center for Millennial Studies, History Department of College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University, USA

Exegetical Modesty: Interpreting Religious Texts as a Form of Self-Criticism




Saturday 5 July - GROUP 19



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 19 - Papers & Workshops


11:35-12:05 Papers (30 min sessions) 19A

12:10-12:40 Papers (30 min sessions) 19B

Room 1

Eleni Hodolidou, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Alkistis Chronaki, Fenia Frangoulidou, Maria Kelepouri, and Efi Kipouropoulou, PhD candidates

Examining National Identity through School Discourse


Room 2

Prof. Ann-Maria Contarino, Instructor, Department of English, Saint Anselm College, Fr Jerome Joseph Day OSB, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Saint Anselm College,  USA

Why Do I Have to Read This?: The Literary Canon and the Liberal Arts

Dr Gabriele Weinberger, Professor of English and German, School of Communication and Literature, Lenoir-Rhyne College, USA

America’s 21st Century: Globalization vs. Isolationism

Room 3

Dr Richard Ilgner, Department of German & Russian, Memorial University, Canada

Creative Diversity Endangered

Dr Jonathan Mendilow, Political Science Department, Rider University, USA

Cyberspace and the Dynamics of Identity Formation: A Tocquevillian Perspective

Room 4

Richard M. Coe, Professor, English Department, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Neocolonialism, Globalization, and the Discourse of Modernism: A New Rhetorical Analysis of The Book of Wisdom for Eskimo

Dr Pablo Pastrana-Perez, Assistant Professor in Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages, Western Michigan University, USA

Medieval Iberian Chivalric Narratives: Deconstructing Meaning in the Language about the Other

Room 5

Dr. Doreen Geddes, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

International Service Learning: Immersing Humanities Students in Global Cultures

Suzie Attiwill, Lecturer in Interior Design, The School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, Australia


Room 6

Louise Mabille, Temporary Junior Lecturer Based on Burary, Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria, South Africa

A Wolf to Himself: The Inhuman Condition of the Transparent Subject

Dr. Purnima Mehta Bhatt Professor, Department of History, Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies, Hood College, USA

nd its Impact on Women in Asia and Africa: Problems and Potentials

Room 7

Dr Yumiko Iida, Associate Fellow, Center for Philosophy, University of Tokyo, Japan

Visible Nation/Ideology of Pleasure: Japanese Nationalism in the Age of Information Capitalism

Anastasia Christou, Department of Geography, Aegean University, Greece

“(Re)collecting memories, (Re)constructing Identities and (Re)creating National Landscapes: Spatial Belongingness, Cultural (dis)location and the search for home in Narratives of Diasporic Journeys”


11:35-12:35 Workshops (60 min sessions) 19C

Room 8

Prof. Kenneth Surin, Literature Program, Duke University, USA

Needing Theory in the Next World Order?

Room 9

Prof. Mitchell Dean, Dean, Division of Society, Culture, Media and Philosophy, Macquarie University, Australia

'Nomos' and the Re-Politicising of Contemporary World Order


Saturday 5 July - GROUP 20



PARALLEL SESSIONS - GROUP 20 - Papers & Workshops


12:45-1:15 Papers (30 min sessions) 20A

1:20-1:50 Papers (30 min sessions) 20B

Room 1

Assoc. Prof. Karen Potter, Director of Dance, Department of Theater Arts College of Arts and Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Dance and Culture: Lecture Classes in Dance for General Education Requirements in Higher Education

Sonia Sorrell, Chair, Department of Fine Arts, Pepperdine University, USA

Reconciling Humanism and Spiritualism: A Call for a New Scholasticism for the 21st Century

Room 2

Savitri Singh, University of Alberta, Canada

Intersections of Social and Health Care Structures and Reflections on The Methodology: Whose Voices Are More Critical

Jose Sanjines, Chair, Department of Foreign Languages, Coastal Carolina University, USA

Metalanguage in the New Humanities: From Rhetoric to an Integrated Science of Communication

Room 3

Prof. Jorge Valadez, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Our Lady of the Lake University, USA

Human Rights and an Ecological Conception of the Self

Prof. Joan Cocks, Department of Politics, Mount Holyoke College, USA

Politics through Portraiture: Albert Memmi on Identity and Difference

Room 4

Dr Peter Trnka, Humanities and Philosophy, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

How to Become a Generalist: Michel Serres, Philosophy, and the Sciences

Dr Violeta Kelertas, Endowed Chair of Lithuanian Studies, Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Footloose and Fancy Free: The Postcolonial Lithuanian Encounters Europe and the West

Room 5

Dr Stefan Bucher, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Globalisation and Cultural Diversity: Challenges for Higher Education

Dr Paul D. Fallon, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, Howard University, USA

Linguistics: A Bridge between Science and the Humanities

Room 6

Konstantina Liwieratos, Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK

“Does Archaeology have a meaning if it does not Benefit Society?”: Considering the Public in Heritage Management

Dr Peter Thompson, Germanic Studies, University of Sheffield, UK

It's the economy, stupid!: The Primacy of Politics and the Market-State

Room 7

Elisabetta LeJeune, Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA

Language, Race, and Culture: African-American Women and the Challenge of Writing for the Academic Audience

Dr Albert P. Steiner, Professor, Classical Studies, Butler University, USA

Looking Forward in the Rearview Mirror: Classics in a Globalized Society

Room 8

Dr Cheryl L. Ware, Professor of English, Department of Languages, McNeese State University, USA

Armchair Travel Revisited, Or the Value of Travel Literature in a Global Society: American Writers and Greece

Dr Andrew Harvey, Executive Officer, Australian Council of Deans of Education

Presentation: Identity and Autonomy: Minority Nationalism in the United Kingdom




GARDEN CONVERSATION - Location & Speakers to be posted at the Conference




LUNCH - SATURDAY Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:30–3:00








·       Prof. Tom Nairn, Professor of Nationalism and Cultural Diversity, Globalism Institute RMIT University, Australia









A three minute modern ballet performance on Rene Aubry's music.

Choreography by Maria Taiploglou



The Municipality of Rhodes offers this event to all conference participants.


8:00pm -9:30pm

Performance of Folkloric Dances

Dimoglou Theater – Medieval City

Greek Folk Dances by Nelly’s Dimoglou Theater Group in the Old Town (open air theater)

The civilization of yesterday in the life of today. Become acquainted with Greece through Greek Folk Tradition.

Dances with live music in local traditional costumes.

A night you should not miss!




Phone: +61 2 9519 0303  Fax: +61 9519 2203

Email: info@commongroundconferences.com




Island of Rhodes, Greece 2-5 July 2003





TUESDAY 1 July          3:00am         5:00am      Secretariat open for Registration - University of the Aegean, Rhodes



The Secretariat will be open from 8:00am on each day of the conference for registration, dinner & tour bookings.




WEDNESDAY 2 July    9:00              9:30am      WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION

                                                                                         - Pantelis Anastasopoulos Choir

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 1                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Morning Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 10:30-11.30

                                         10:45am      11:50am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 2                      Papers & Workshops

                                         11:55am         1:00pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 3                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 12.45–2:15

                                            1:05pm        2:10pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 4                      Papers & Workshops

                                            2:15pm        2:45pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 5                      Papers only

                                            2:45              3:00            Afternoon Tea

                                                                                         SIESTA BREAK

                                            7:00pm        8:00pm      OFFICIAL OPENING

                                                                                         - Nikos Kasseris' Multimedia Presentation

                                            8:00pm        9:00pm      PLENARY SESSION ONE                        Keynote Address

                                         10:00pm   -   11:00pm      Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico National Theatre



THURSDAY 3 July        8:30am         9:30am      PLENARY SESSION TWO

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 6                      Papers & Workshops

                                         10:40           11:00            Morning Tea

                                         11:00am      12:05pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 7                      Papers & Workshops

                                         12:10pm        1:15pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 8                      Papers & Workshops

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30

                                            1:20pm        2:25pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 9                      Papers & Workshops

                                            2:30pm        3:00pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 10                    Papers only

                                            2:30pm        3:30pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                            3:00              3:30            Afternoon Tea

                                                                                         SIESTA BREAK

                                            6:30pm        7:00pm      Performance by the Aegean University Theatrical Group

                                            7:00pm        8:00pm      PLENARY SESSION THREE                  Keynote Address

                                            8:00pm        9:00pm      PLENARY SESSION FOUR                     Panel Session






FRIDAY 4 July               8:25am         9:30am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 11                    Papers & Workshops

                                            9:35am      10:40am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 12                    Papers & Workshops

                                         10:40           11:00            Morning Tea

                                         11:00am      12:00pm      PLENARY SESSION FIVE                       Keynote Address

                                         12:05pm        1:10pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 13                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12.05pm         1.10pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:00–2:30

                                            2:00pm        3:05pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 14                    Papers & Workshops

                                            3:10pm        4:15pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 15                    Papers & Workshops

                                                                                          Afternoon Tea will be offered over 1 hr from 3:30-4:30

                                            4:20pm        5:25pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 16                    Papers & Workshops



                                            9:00pm                               CONFERENCE DINNER - Melathron Restaurant, Medieval City



SATURDAY 5 July        9:00am      10:05am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 17                    Papers & Workshops

                                         10:10am      11:15am      Parallel Sessions GROUP 18                    Papers & Workshops

                                         11:10           11:30            Morning Tea

                                         11:35am      12:40pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 19                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12:45pm        1:50pm      Parallel Sessions GROUP 20                    Papers & Workshops

                                         12.40pm         1.45pm      GARDEN CONVERSATION

                                                                                         Lunch will be offered over 1 1/2 hrs from 1:30–3:00

                                            3:00pm        4:00pm      PLENARY SESSION SIX                          Keynote Address

                                            4:00              4:30            Afternoon Tea

                                            4:30pm        6:00pm      PLENARY SESSION SEVEN                   Closing Panel

                                                                                         - Modern Ballet Performance on Rene Aubry's Music



                                            8:00pm                               FOLKLORIC DANCE PERFORMANCE, Dimoglou Theater




Program Structure: To accommodate the large number of presentations some of the Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Lunch times will overlap parallel session times. Refreshments & meals will be available throughout the extended break times to allow delegates to freely select sessions to attend.






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